Your Network = Your Net Worth

Did you know 86% of people earn with 3k-5k of those they associate with?

Kind of eye-opening isn’t it?

If you are someone who is wanting to get out of the financial bracket you are currently in, the best way to do that is to find a new social circle of people who have the net worth you want to be in.

Why is this important and how does it make an impact?

  1. You get better advice from people who are doing the things you want to be doing
  2. You can learn from their wins and losses
  3. You now have built-in mentors
  4. You will be exposed to new investment opportunities
  5. You will have access to a larger network of higher net worth individuals
  6. You have a constant source of inspiration
  7. You will have more ideal networking events to attend
  8. You have an entirely new perspective on what it takes to get where you want to be

So, seriously take a look around you.  If you are surrounded by people who have a negative outlook, you will have a negative outlook.  If you are surrounded by people who have no aspirations, you will have no aspirations.  You are surrounded by people who don’t seek growth, you will not seek growth.

I once had a person remark that I talk about all of my friends being successful and making a lot of money, and ask why I don’t hang out with people who don’t make a lot of money aren’t successful, and I just replied, my network is my net worth. I intentionally seek out people who will make me smarter, wealthier and better, people who push me to grow, push me to go beyond my comfort zone… if you want to change, you not only have to change you, you have to change those around you.

An excellent book that talks about this is Les Brown’s new book, check it out below:



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