It Only Matters What You Think, of YOU!

I figured this would be a good start for my first blog post.

Really when you think of you, what do you think of?

How did you come to those conclusions? Parents? Friends? Successes? Failures? Religion? Money?

Well for most people it is all of the above…and more.

But is all that outside influence actually helping you to become you.  I have definitely been in areas of my life where I acted like everyone expected me too, I did things to impress my friends, or the girl, or my family, but it was not true to me.

I am the same age as Mark Zuckerberg.  So I was on the forefront of social media in college.  I was one of the first of my friends on Myspace, I have been on Facebook since 2005, back when you need your college to be apart of the platform to be able to get an account… why do I bring this up?  Not only do we have the normal societal pressures that we have always had as mankind, but now we compare ourselves to ours highlight reals.

Everyone is going through something. No one is perfect, that is not the purpose of the journey. So when you get caught in the game of comparing my life to his or hers, it is a never ending losing battle. You are where you are because you are supposed to be.  That by no means does not mean you cannot change or evolve, in fact that should be the goal. But ideal you should be only comparing yourself to you.  Are you better than you were yesterday? I have a tattoo on my arm that says “gach la”, which in Gaelic means “everyday”… to me that means everyday I am becoming a better man, better husband, better father, better leader, better everything.

“Comparison is the thief of Joy” someone said… so true. Measure yourself to your yesterday self, not to someone else’s highlight real on Instagram, Facebook or to your brother or sisters life, what your parents have done, or your childhood friends. Your journey is uniquely yours. Own it.



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