Who You Will Become…

Other’s have no say in who you will become.

Too many of us shape ourselves and our lives so that we can get validation from everyone around us.

I came to a realization in college, and it was very freeing… let me share.

If I am constantly consumed with thoughts of what others think of me, how they view me, then others are having those same thoughts.

We are all walking around coming from this egoistical place thinking that everyone is talking about us, judging us, but in reality, they are walking around not judging or talking about us, but being consumed by their own thoughts, that everyone is talking about them and judging them!

The madness! It has to stop!

Once you acknowledge, that no one is judging you because they are too worried about themselves, you can set your mind free to worry about things that matter!

As I stated when I open this blog, others have no say in who you will become, nor do most people care about who you become. And on the off chance you get that person who judges you, does it matter? Are they walking in your shoes? Do they know your journey? No, so let it go.

So do you, be authentic, don’t conform for the sake of conforming, because how boring is that? YOLO!



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