What is a Good Leader?

Countless books have been written about leadership, how to be an effective leader, how to inspire others, how to work well as a team, etc, etc…but yet in many companies, they don’t instill leaders into leadership roles or provide training on what a leader means to their company. So as it stands this is still one of the biggest fundamental reasons why teams struggle to met deadlines, hit objectives and obtain goals.

So, what defines a good leader?

  1. A leader has compassion for those on their team
  2. A leader had the ability to inspire others
  3. A leader gets their hands dirty when needed
  4. A leader never turns their back on teammates
  5. A leader takes all the responsibility for a teams failures
  6. A leader cheers the wins and gives credit to their team for a job well done
  7. A leader is decisive in their decisions
  8. A leader is confident in their ability to get the job done
  9. A leader does not complain about the mission, they find a way
  10. A leader inspires loyalty

People should not be put into a leadership position based on tenure, an inside relationship or purely on numbers.  A leader should be put in their position based on their character.



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