Top 3 Ways to Invest in Yourself

“If you aren’t growing, you are dying.” – Tony Robbins

I take that quote very seriously!  We need to be constantly growing into who we were destined to be.  My biggest fear in life is not ever reaching my full potential as a human.  I heard Ed Mylett talking once about this same fear, but he phrased it like this. “When I die and I go to Heaven, I don’t want God to introduce to the man I was supposed to be, I want him to tell me I became who I was supposed to be.”

So what are the best ways to continue to invest in yourself and continue your path of growth?

Well, in my opinion, they are the following:

  1. Exercise – if you don’t have your health, nothing else matters.  You need to invest time into your body every single day.  Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym 7 days a week.  But you can mix it up, lift weights, run, walk, yoga, stretch, etc, get your body moving.  There are so many benefits physically and mentally to having a work out routine. Let me list a few.
    • releases the production of endorphins which help make you feel positive and reduce the perception of pain
    • Help with weight loss! 60% of Americans are overweight!
    • Great for your muscles and bones, you release hormones that promote the ability of your muscles to absorb amino acids
    • Increases your energy! A lot of people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, exercise helps increase your energy and counterbalance this
    • Reduces your risk of chronic disease, like heart disease and diabetes
  2. Read – it is such a blessing to live in an age where not only can you get a book delivered to your house in 2 days, but you can get on the internet and literally learn about anything and everything for FREE.  People have ZERO excuses for not learning.  I personally read 3-4 books at a time and read 10 pages from every book, every day.  This has helped me develop professionally and personally.  Some think it’s crazy that I read that many books at one time, but really it’s about 45 minutes of reading a day.  I honestly can say, that I would not be anywhere close to where I am today without this habit.  When I read Atomic Habits by James Clear one of the best tricks in that book talked about putting things in places where you are commonly at so you don’t forget, like placing a book on your pillow, so you don’t forget to read before you go to bed.  Open a book, it will change your life!
  3. Set Goals & Journal –  You cant change your life without knowing where you want to be.  You must invest the time and sit down and write out your goals.  Two, things that must go along with setting your goals. First, you must write out a road map on how you are going to accomplish them.  Secondly, you should actively keep a journal on how you are progressing.  I have my journal as two-fold, one for writing down things I am learning, and secondly as a reflection if I am tracking to accomplish my goals or not.  It is so important that you monitor your progress, so you can make adjustments if need be.

Maybe, these three things seem really obvious, but I can promise you most reading this are not doing all three or even 2 out of 3.  But good news all three are easy enough to implement tomorrow to start to turn the ship around in the right direction.  Remember “if you aren’t growing, you are dying” and let’s all make sure we are living our best lives before we go!

A great motivation book to change your life is:



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