The Coffee Bean Book Review

On my podcast and youtube channel I do a monthly book review.  So I thought I would incorporate that into this blog as well, as it is one of the questions people ask me the most, “what do you read?”

The Coffee Bean by Jon Gordon and Damon West was a short, inspirational and life altering read.  I was on my way to see my Dad who lives in Medford, Oregon and decided to take the book with me for some airplane reading.  I finished the book before my flight had taken off! (granted we were delayed 20 mins).  The premise of the book is to teach people how they can affect positive change in their life and in other peoples lives, by taking responsibility for their actions and mindset.

The book follows a young man named Abe.  At a young age Abe was introduced to a  analogy using a carrot, a egg and a coffee bean, and how that related to the current struggles in his life.  Abe carried this message of the carrot, egg and coffee bean throughout his entire life, sharing the message far and wide… but at times forgetting the message that had brought him so much success and fulfillment, only to return to it and yet again experiencing the gift of the message.

I don’t want to give to much away, as it is a worthy read, but my big take away from the book is you always have a choice to change your environment, your mindset, your circumstances.  Life does not give you what you want, life gives you what you deserve.  And if it is giving you something you don’t like or want, there is only person in the driver seat to change it, you.

I definitely recommend anyone and everyone who is into bettering themselves to buy this book.  Also, if you have not read Jon Gordon’s book “The Energy Bus” to buy that at the same time.  It was one of the best books about Leadership I have ever read.

Be like “The Coffee Bean”.




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