This blog has been mostly about sales or ways to stay motivated or engaged in everyday life, but I wanted to take a moment to write on our health.

I have been fortunate that the majority of my life I have been very, very healthy.  I was always the kid that was maybe sick once year, I recovered faster than my brothers and peers, and never thought twice about getting sick when others were sick around me.

Well, in the last 45 days, I have been sick three times, first time ever for me.  First time, getting a sinus infection and the first time I can remember ever getting the flu (I will have to follow up with my mom to be sure).

So, why am I sharing this?  Well, in December and January are very stressful months in our field, and I probably pushed myself too hard.  I didn’t take many rest days from the gym or work, I didn’t listen to my body when it was tired, I just kept going, thinking mind over matter way the way.  I am someone who likes to “leave it all out on the field”, I was that way as an athlete and am no different in a professional setting, but it can come at a cost…as it did now.  So, I wanted this blog to be a reminder, you need rest days, it’s ok, no one is going to judge you, we are all human. And humans need rest, healthy diets, lots of water, and ways to manage their stress.  So, in the flu season take care of your body, and do what you have to, to stay healthy.


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