Stay Away From The Price Trap

Playing the price game is the auto default for all salespeople unfortunately.

So how do you get away from price and focus on need and solutions?

Best way is to ask great questions, let me give you one of my favorite questions.

Other than price, is there anything that would stop you from buying this today?

See what I did there? I took price, moved it to the side so I can get an honest answer.

Now, they could come back and say NO, so know we understand they see the value, and this isnt really about price.

Or, they could say, “yea, this all sounds good, but I am not very familiar with your company”, ok now you have an opportunity to reengage them in the sales process and get them comfortable and bought into your company.

Or they could say “Ty, the product sounds great, but I don’t think its a great fit for me.” Then, you have assess is it not for them? or did you do a bad job of giving an examples how it was your product, good or service is actually a great fit for them. If that is the case, then share with them a story a previous client that was in their same position, and how well the decision worked out for them.

Remember, if you are automatically defaulting to just trying to win deals on price, you have already lost.

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