Replace the word “Problem” with “Challenge”

What would happen if you replaced the one simple word?

What if you replaced the word “problem” with “challenge?”

Life is so much about perspective.  Your ability to shift your perspective really gives you the ability to change the quality of your life.

We had a meeting in my office this week over a phrase, “perspective drives performance.” We all went and around talked about what it meant to us, and how we felt about it… most had never really thought about how much their perspective of what they do really impacts their performance.

I really want to instill in my younger guys that life is not full of problems, that is one perspective or way of looking at it, but rather life is full of challenges that present an opportunity for growth.  And once you see your perspective drives either bad behavior or good behavior then it gives you the ability to look at every situation as either a problem that will defeat you or a challenge that will help you grow.

So, the next time you have a “problem”, flip the script and insert the word challenge and see how that helps to shift your perspective to take a perceived negative to a positive.

Check Out this Video, How to Stay Focused On Your GOALS



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