Never Bad Mouth Your Competitors

This is a really easy trap to fall into. You ask who your prospect is currently using and they say “XYZ competitor”, most reps automatically go into a rant about how the competitor has a flaw in this area, or they are terrible at this, and this is why they shouldn’t be using them, etc, etc… you know what you just did you, you just made your prospect feel really dumb for using that competitor. Now you might be absolutely right, but now the prospect is on the defense, they feel like they must defend their position and justify why they are using the competitor. So, instead of leading the prospect to the light (which is to convert them), you now have a prospect who is going to dig in on their position.

No one likes to be made like they made a wrong decision, even if they did make the wrong decision.

A better approach would be to ask great questions about their business, and organically show them the holes in their business without ever bringing up the competition. Once you and your prospect assess where their flaws are, you now can come in and propose the solution, thus displacing your competitor without having to bring them up or bashing them.

Remember if you are truly an expert in your indsutry, and you are able to bring value to a client, it isnt about price or who they are currently using. Don’t fall to lowest common denominator, it will not get you the results you seek.

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