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So now we are 6-7 weeks into quarantine and the Coronavirus pandemic.  I have thought a lot about how I have been allocating my time.  I am not sitting in 90 minutes of traffic anymore, I am not traveling for work, I am not out on client meetings, time has become more abundant than ever, which is a total blessing.  I wanted to share ways I have been maximizing this precious gift of time.

  • reading a book a week
  • two workouts a day
  • family walks around my neighborhood
  • adopted and training a rescue puppy
  • attending self-improvement webinars
  • cleaning the garage out!
  • planning for Q3 & Q4
  • asking for extra assignments at work
  • doing more one on one sales training with my rookie reps
  • stretching

I don’t know that I will ever get time like this again, and to be honest if I do I hope that it is not due to anything like this, but that it is do to the financial freedom I have created for myself.  I encourage you to take account of the ways you are spending your time.  It is really easy right now to let the days just slip away into a Netflix hole.  Use this time to make yourself better, stronger, smarter so when you come out of this on the other side you are ready to attack full force with an enhanced set of skills and attitude.




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