Keep Track of Industry Trends

It almost pains me to have to write this.

If you are in sales you must, must, must stay on top of all the trends happening within your industry.

Way too many sales reps regardless of what vertical they sell in, do not stay up to date on their industry. They wait for management to come down with new insight and tell them what to go say.

One, this gives your competition a serious advantage over you.

Two, a savage buyer will not you are not up to date on the industry, and you will immediately lose all credibility.

Three, you are not able to provide any valuable insight! With no insight, you are not able to separate yourself from your competitors.

The best advice I can give you, don’t wait for your manager or your VP to give you the info you need to be successful! Go get it yourself. The best part about sales is it is like running your own business. If you are failing at sales, that should be a key indicator you not cut our to be an entrepreneur. Your results are a direct reflection of your knowledge, organization, and work ethic.

Level up!

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