Ignite Your Morning Fire – w/Jeff Wickersham

Speaker 1 00:00:21 All right, everybody. This is Ty on grind sell elevate, and I’m here with Jeff Wickersham today out of Philadelphia. Jeff, how are you?

Speaker 2 00:00:29 I’m doing great. How are you?

Speaker 1 00:00:30 Good. Thanks so much for joining me today.

Speaker 2 00:00:32 Yeah, absolutely. Thanks for having me.

Speaker 1 00:00:34 Let I see, you’ve got a lot of stuff going on. Uh, just like myself, you’re a coach, an author, a podcast or speaker. Um, I really love, uh, reading on your bio, you know, peak performance coach and some of the things you’re implementing and doing right now. Uh, fantastic. Uh, but once you give us a broader context and introduce yourself, uh, with a little bit better job than I did.

Speaker 2 00:00:56 Yeah. I appreciate appreciate the, uh, the intro and my story starts almost seven years ago and I spent about 20 years in corporate America. And then I had a life event that changed me at my core. And unfortunately I lost my mom to breast cancer. So when you, you watch the woman that brought you into this world, leave this world that fundamentally changes you as well as it causes you to question everything in life. And, and one of the questions I had was, was corporate America having me bound out of bed on fire in the morning morning. And was it part of my purpose and mission, and really, I dove deep into that question and the answer came back. No. So I chose to go out on my own, always was into fitness. My late mother was always into fitness, so I opened up a gym locally.

Speaker 2 00:01:43 And then what organically grew out of that was peak performance coaching because a hundred people would put in a 10 question application through Facebook, but only 15, 20 would actually answer a phone call, respond to a text or reply to an email. And I thought, why are you taking the time to do that? And then when I reach out, you don’t even respond. And it’s, it’s all that game that’s in between our ears, right? That mental game. So I chose to level up myself from a personal development standpoint, coaches, courses, podcasts, books. I, I that’s a never ending journey, but then I fell on helping others get through those mental hurdlers, put, implement better habits, better rituals on a daily basis since they drive so much of what we do. And now I just eat, sleep, breathe it on a daily basis. I’m a practitioner. I love getting into the, uh, getting into the work and helping support my clients and, and move the needle because each and every one of us has that choice each day, how you’re going to make it a great day, where it’s going to be a crappy day. And so many of us give up that choice when we wake up,

Speaker 1 00:02:44 Right. We really do. And I think a lot of people do it really unconsciously, which is the part that’s really kind of mind blowing. And then they don’t. I think that, you know, uh, I don’t know how, how we can take this, but I didn’t get really, that’s why we have such a huge issue with, um, the dependency on pharmaceuticals. Is this my opinion on that? And there’s nothing wrong with taking them, but I think that it’s more of a crutch for people the more than they realize, because they’re unfulfilled, they don’t have a game plan. There’s no structure. They’re kind of running through the daily emotions.

Speaker 2 00:03:16 I would agree with you. And when people wake up, they let life control them. Right? They’re playing defense. We were just talking a little bit about our sons and sports, right? I’ve coached my sons in basketball. When you wake up. So many people get in that defensive stance with basketball, your quads burn right here, your glutes burn, everything burns, but that’s how they’re operating all throughout their days. And then there’s no wonder why. At the end of the day, they flop on the couch and they’re exhausted stress. They’ve got nothing left in their life. How am I gonna operate again like this? And to your point, I call them walking zombies. They’re just going through life. And if you flip that script, if you take control from the moment that alarm clock goes off, you’re on the offensive energy, enthusiasm, excitement, passion flows through you, but yet, so many people don’t make that conscious choice. And they’ve just gotten into these patterns and it’s, it’s so difficult to break out.

Speaker 1 00:04:16 So I’m a huge proponent too. I wrote, you know, James Clear’s book, uh, Brendan Burchard, you know, I’m a huge believer of habitual habits, you know, or really just that one degree difference makes all the difference in the world. But talk to us a little bit, how you start to disrupt some of those patterns for new clients you take on and maybe, maybe even like yourself, potentially where they’ve been that same pattern for 10, 15 years. And they know they’ve got to make a shift. Where do you start with them?

Speaker 2 00:04:41 Yeah. And I’m, I’m a huge fan of, of James, Claire and all, all those, uh, all those guys and gals that have put books because it’s so, so important. And one is having an awareness, having an awareness of how much of what you do on a daily basis is driven through your habits and rituals, meaning it’s on autopilot, right? It’s that computer program behind the scenes that’s running, that you don’t even think about and it can be 80, 90% of your day is driven through that. So if you understand that, if you have an awareness first, then you can make a change. Right? The other piece is how long it takes to create a habit. We’ve all heard 21 days, right? It’s yes, but that’s the bare minimum neuroscience has now proven it out. It can take up to three times as long to create a habit, depending on the person, how frequently they repeat what they’re trying to build.

Speaker 2 00:05:31 So we have this false expectation of January 1st. We’re going to do this thing. It’s why the third week of January is the most depressing statistically wise week of the year because everybody, 95% of people fail on their news resolutions because they didn’t have an awareness. They didn’t know how long it might take. So they’ve been set up for failure. So the awareness would be the number one piece. The other piece is starting small, right? Just start going for it. Let’s talk about fitness, right? Since I have a little bit of a fitness background, starting small, just go for a walk for five minutes each day for an entire week, you’re going to feel good about yourself and that walk. Isn’t going to put so much stress on you. On the flip side, if you went to the gym and said, Hey, every day, this year, I’m going to work out for 60 minutes, but you haven’t worked out for eight years.

Speaker 2 00:06:21 You don’t hit that gym for three days. You’re so sore. You can’t walk up and down the steps and you can’t get off the toilet. So now that exercise is related to pain and the mind is wired to steer you away from it. It’s why you’re not there. So starting small is critical as well as putting some accountability into the, into the mix, right? So telling others, posting it on social media, 99.9, nine, 9% of people don’t care what you post out on social media. But what happens is subconsciously there is a switch that gets flipped in your mind that you, you don’t want to look like a liar out in public, so you will follow through with it more. So those, those are a couple of pieces to the,

Speaker 1 00:07:05 No, I love that. You know, as interesting. Um, I just posted this weekend, I’m starting a new company with a friend it’s it’s and we signed the contract and gave her deposit to the web developers and whatnot. And the first thing I went in is I posted my stories and, and my buddy was kind of like, w what are you doing, man? Like, we were just barely settled on the name. I said, I have to declare it. I have to claim it. I have to let people know I’m going to do this because it’s automatically gonna have me set the ball in motion to become more accountable to myself. So I’m a huge proponent of that. I’ve been the same thing with in sales. Always tell people I’m going to be number one, regardless if I am or not. It just, that’s just where my mind goes. I wanted to get your perspective on why you think people wait till January.

Speaker 2 00:07:50 I think we’ve just been wired. And it’s been a pattern that we’ve seen through as we’ve grown up. Right? So much of what we are as adults comes from our childhood comes from our environment. It’s, it’s just everybody. All right, I’m going to start January 1st, right? We’re we’re in December as we’re recording this, I’m going to start check, start today, right? Please don’t delay what you think the conditions are going to be better January 1st, all because the calendar flips start today. And that’s the other piece is so many times we rely on our feelings to compel us to action. And then that shapes our identity. That’s completely backwards, right? When we rely on our feelings, our feelings betray us nine out of 10 times. And what happens then is you don’t take the action, you know, you should. And then your identity is somebody that doesn’t follow through on their word.

Speaker 2 00:08:45 And you feel crappy about yourself. Imagine flipping that kind of scenario, feelings, actions, identity around, and you have an identity. If I’m a peak performance coach, I wake up every morning on fire. When you have that feeling, you’re consciously aware of that feeling, but then you make a choice to align with your identity. You take action, and then you have a good feeling. It’s a, it’s a amazing transformational change of just flipping the process on your head and really you shape your identity and be that person. Then you’re not relying on your feelings because your feelings will betray you.

Speaker 1 00:09:18 No, I love that. That’s a great way to look at it. You know, as my let’s say, huge believer talking I’m in the ROTC syndicated. So I get to listen to him frequently, but talking about, you know, really we give a meaning to our emotions, right? It’s like a situation happens one way or the other. We’re the ones assessing whether it’s good or bad. And so when you get in these habitual feelings and patterns like you’re talking about, and you’re constantly assigning meaning as negative, or my life’s hard, then that is, that really is what your reality, as opposed to, you know, what does your ideal avatar look like? You know, who do you want to become then? How do you build that person? People don’t usually start there. So I liked that. How did you, how did you start there? What were some of the things that you did to start kind of flipping the script,

Speaker 2 00:10:01 Getting up early, right? Getting up and having time for myself because, and I’m a parent, you’re a parent. I, a lot of my clients are our parents and people I interact with so many times we’d wake up just when the kids get up. Right. Well then again, you’re playing back to my defense. You’re playing defense, but imagine waking up 40 minutes earlier than them stacking all these quick wins, meditating, a bit exercise and getting glass, water, all these things that fuel you and wake you up, then they’re coming down, you’re prepared, you’re set. You’re, you’re, you’re emotionally stable. You’re mentally ready. You’re spiritually connected to, to the universe. So getting up early was the number one piece, right? And five days a week, I’m up at 4:15 AM. And those, those are sacred times that I get to work on myself and then I show up better for all of those around.

Speaker 1 00:10:53 That’s awesome. Before I get up at 4 45, you’ve got me beat.

Speaker 2 00:10:59 It’s always interesting when you come across somebody and it’s an early riser, cause we do have that competitive nature and it’s like, okay, he’s getting up at 3 45 to home, man. I might ask

Speaker 1 00:11:10 Fuck, man. Uh, no, no, I love it. So where did you, I want, I want to dig into your morning routine a little bit. Cause I have my own and I’ve been, and I’ve told people when they asked me what’s my separator. I usually go to that because it’s been so life-changing for me, you know, w when did you first start to develop it and kind of walk us through your, your thought or your process?

Speaker 2 00:11:31 Yeah, it was, it was reading books and taking bits and pieces from, from each and kind of formulated together on, on what works. And I always tell my clients or people I’ve come in contact with, we get to adulthood and we don’t roll in that white lab coat that scientist lab coat, and say, okay, let me see what I can do. That lights me up. Right. Let me get curious about, and maybe I can wake up a little bit earlier. I can exercise and I can, I can meditate. I can write notes to my kids, all these pieces, and I feel fantastic. Okay, let’s do that again tomorrow. So I was taking bits and pieces from, from coaches and podcasts and books, and I was just testing it out. And I, I did it myself. I knew it worked. And then I had, uh, back when I had my, my gym, I had a gym community.

Speaker 2 00:12:17 I said, who wants to try this out? This is like jet fuel in my veins. Now I need to go out and see if it works for others. And it did. And that’s where I knew I had something. Uh, but I always tell people, Hey, here’s the, here’s the blueprint, tweak it, how you need to tweak it, but put on that white lab coat, get curious. And when you have a great day, go back to, how did you start it? How were you thinking? What did you, what you meditate on? What did you gratitude journal on all those pieces? That, again, to your point, if, if you focus that today’s going to be a bad day, it’s going to be a bad day. Right. But you had that choice and when you’re awake spiritually, physically, mentally, you’re in a grateful state. It inherently lead you down that path towards success.

Speaker 1 00:13:05 Yeah. I totally agree. Even like this morning, I came home from the gym about seven 15. And, uh, normally than I go, I have like, I’m so regimented, you know, and my wife woke up and she, she, her neck was bothering her. I mean, pretty bad. She can’t move or anything. And, um, so she asked me, she said, Hey, can you take Nixon? Which is our youngest son to school. What she’s, he goes to a private school across town and I don’t ever take him. So immediately I started going into like panic mode because it’s going to fuck up my whole morning routine because it’s going to throw me off by 20 minutes, you know? I mean, whatever I took. Um, but when you, when you get serious about it and you have your set schedule, if for me, it’s like an energy thing, I just feel kind of like off I’m like I’m 20 minutes behind. So I didn’t get to like, I didn’t journal because I knew that I do when I get to my desk before I start my day. So what are, what’s kind of your process that you figured out in your lab, so to speak as far as when you get up at four 15 or does it start from there?

Speaker 2 00:14:04 Yeah. And I would say it starts at night, right? And this is, this is so many times people miss this part of the equation, right? How are you preparing for a good night’s sleep and sleep is so vital for us recuperate, physically and mentally, as well as filling our mind, our mind and filling our subconscious on what we want to accomplish the next day or what was something amazing that we accomplished today. And we are inherently wired to focus on the negative. Now what we didn’t do today, what we didn’t do a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, filling your mind with positivity, preparing for what you’re going to do, right. When you wake up. So you don’t need to think because the mind is wired to take the easy way every single day and twice on Sunday. Right? So when you, when you have everything set out, laid out and it’s simplistic as having a glass of water ready for you in a cabinet.

Speaker 2 00:14:56 So you can down it, right. When you come downstairs and I’ve had clients that say, that’s ridiculous. I’ll just grab a cup. I said, well, what happens if your favorite cup isn’t there? What happens if your spouse doesn’t fully push in the dishwasher? And there’s not a clean glass, that’s the first opportunity for your mind to say, you know what, screw this. I’m going back to bed. This isn’t worth it. Right? So preparing the night before I love glass of water, exercise, meditation are three that can travel with you wherever you go. And then I love to journal. I love to write notes to both of my sons. So my late mother was probably the biggest fan of post-it notes in the world. I think she had every single different color of them. So I’d write a post-it note, put in an envelope and put it outside my son’s door every morning. And I’ve done that for years as a symbol of how much I love him as well as being able to shape their minds and give them positive influences, maybe a book here and there that that will seep into their subconscious. And there’ll be so much farther ahead than I was when I was growing up. So those are a couple of pieces that I love to do in the morning.

Speaker 1 00:16:02 Cool. I love that. Now I’m also a huge, uh, I’ve meditated, um, for 10 years, how has that really shaped and changed your life? Uh, through meditation,

Speaker 2 00:16:15 It’s given me space just to be able to beat with my thoughts and focus all my breath. And we are bombarded by, I mean, and one day we’re bombarded by more data inputs and social media and texts and news media. Then our ancestors were bombarded in their entire lifetime. So think about that, right? And, and studies have now shown that if you’re constantly connected, your IQ goes down 15 points for men, five points for women when they’re constantly bombarded. So meditation gives you that space, right? That quiet time to just focus on your breath, connect yourself spiritually and just give, give space. And I will say I’m almost a four year straight. So I’ve got you on the early morning riser. You got me on the, on the meditation, but encountering different stresses that come up in life and life throws you curve balls. It throws every single one of us, roadblocks hurdles. We’ve got to jump over, being more equipped to battle those because I’m taking time to meditate every single day when I’m driving in the car and I’m in traffic. I don’t fly off the handle like I used to because I just focus on my breath and know that, Hey, this is just, this is just the way it is. I can’t control anything it related to traffic and the external environment. So just giving that peace, that calm and that, uh, that centered approach. Yeah,

Speaker 1 00:17:40 No, I think it’s, it’s obviously it’s important. I grew up watching my mom do it every day and, um, and I kinda just figured, well, it’s got work if done it, you know, every day she had three boys and, you know, worked full time and went to school. So I just kind of adopted it. Yeah. It’s been a, a blessing for me. Um, it’s important to do. And my mom always has a thing too. She’d always tell me, Hey, if I seem like I’m being a bitch today, or I’m, you know, I’m a little off kilter asked me if I sat this morning because the answer is probably going to be no. Um, so it was kind of a good, she’s a little cranky. I’m like, mom, can you sit not long enough?

Speaker 2 00:18:19 She was, she was having you being her accountability coach right there. Right. And, uh, I love it. You learned it from her. And I meditate with both my boys before they go to school. And I had for a couple of years now, and I feel like that’s a tremendous gift that they’re going to be able to take later in their life. So that’s awesome.

Speaker 1 00:18:36 Yeah. I also, the, one of the key points too, I just learned that that women really do, uh, are able to multitask better than men. Right. I Q dropping. That was funny. Uh, I believe it though. I can’t multitask for shit. Um, so what, talk to us a little bit about, I saw on your bio, um, about, uh, ice baths and cold showers and I’m, I’m, uh, I love Wim Hoff. And so I do his breathe app after I meditate, I’m hit or miss with the cold showers, but I wanted to get your perspective on that.

Speaker 2 00:19:08 Yeah. That’s been a game changer on, on, uh, over eight straight days of, of an ice bath or cold shower. And it was funny last, uh, last winter up in the Northeast, right. Of, of the U S it gets very cold and my family was complaining, gosh, I only have a minute of hot water. Right? The hot water heater was going. And I said, well, I have no idea because I haven’t taken a hot shower quite some time, but I, I, I’m a huge fan of, of when mafia has actually had a Wim, Hof certified instructor at the house with, with the guys that are in one of my masterminds this weekend, and we did the breathing and then we got out into the ice bath and there is no cold, like an ice bath. And I’ve done cryo at the highest level ice bath is the, uh, it’s the, it’s the peak.

Speaker 2 00:19:51 And I love it. Obviously there’s some physical benefits. You boost your immunity, circulation. It puts natural stresses on the body. And so many times we don’t do that. We always are externally stressed. Here’s something that you can do to train your body, to deal with stress better. But I love the mental aspect of it. And it’s all the game is all between our ears, right? Our, our minds never sleep, but they know our weaknesses. They’re always battling us. So to be able to win that battle. And when it’s cold in the Northeast are stepping into the ice this weekend and he made us do it twice. I’ve only done it once. And he said, all right, we’re going to, we’re going to step it up and do it again. We’re going to do it twice. So that was a real, real mental love verbal, but it’s the mental challenge of your mind saying, why the hell are you doing this? And I, you saying to your mind, go sit in the corner. I’m in charge, I’m going forward. And that’s an amazingly powerful process and method to go through to start to win that battle against your mind.

Speaker 1 00:20:53 Yeah, it’s interesting. Um, I have to, I have to, I usually in my showers and 30 seconds, 60 seconds of cold water, I can’t imagine doing the whole thing I probably need to, but the, the breathing, the breath holds, I get the same type of benefit I noticed, right. When I get to just a little over two minutes in a breath hold, you know, trying to mind my PRS, I think like 2 42 or 2 43. But you know, when I start to hit between two and two 20, like you can feel your body start to shut down. Like you get it. And then I just go, you know, it’s all mental time. Like you’ve got oxygen in your lungs and it’s just, it’s just crazy little game. But that 20 seconds of me playing that mind game, I really feel like helps my entire day with other mental battles all the way through.

Speaker 2 00:21:37 I would agree with you wholeheartedly and love that you do it. Cold showers and people are listening. You know, you’ve got to figure out ways to go through it and then achieve it because then you’re showing your mind who is in charge. And that’s so vitally, vitally important. Because again, you rely on your feelings, you rely on your mind to really dictate where you’re going. It’s going to take the easy and clear path. That’s going to steer away from anything that’s uncomfortable. And there’s, there’s no greatness in living a comfortable life.

Speaker 1 00:22:10 I totally agree. And does it. I was listening to a clip of Jim Rome the other day, and he was saying that it’s all risky, right? And so, so many of us play it small and we fall into bad habits and we just don’t really change because we feel safe and we feel comfortable, but that’s just as risky as if you know you’re out there and you’re in, you’re trying to live up to your potential every day. And you’re taking quote, unquote, perceived risk by starting the job you want to, or like what you’ve done. You know, that’s one of the things I wanted to ask. How was that shift for you going from secure corporate America for 20 years to fuck it? I’m going to go on, on my journey and buy a gym and start being an entrepreneur,

Speaker 2 00:22:47 Scary as hell. And I Fe held in the gym component, right? I, I did. And, uh, cast the, the family and debt, but I didn’t waiver. And I got back up off the turf and continued on the coaching coaching business. And, and you’re jumping off without a safety net. So then it’s either you’re, you’re, you’re, don’t bring it, you’re learning from anything that might be perceived as a failure. But if you have that passion, if you have that energy, you have that vision, you’re just never going to stop. And that’s one of the things I teach my sons about. We, we just never quit. You’re always getting up one more time and you get knocked down. So it was scary. It was scary as hell because I, I had always been with a secure job, right. And secure. I’ll put that in quotes, right? Because in corporate America, wherever you’re at at any job, you could be gone the next day.

Speaker 2 00:23:39 You never really know. So was scary as hell. I would say early on one of the big lessons that I’ve learned looking back was I needed help and I needed to be able to ask for help. And so many times, especially as men we see asking for help is a weakness. We’re really, it’s a strength. So I would have been much more successful if I asked for help earlier on in my career. And I’ve done that more in, in the coaching side of the business. But, uh, yeah, it was, it was scary as hell. But to your point with Jim Rowan, I just did a social media post last week where you’re going to incur pain either now or later, and I relate it to fitness, right? You either go through the pain of working out now. So you’re in better shape and live a fuller life later in life. Or you sit on the couch and later you’re going to have diabetes. You’re going to have a heart attack. You’re, you’re going to incur pain at any one point, just choose to when do you want to occur that I’d rather incur the pain when I’m 46 years old, I have the ability to do it so I can live a longer, healthier life. Totally.

Speaker 1 00:24:41 No, I love that perspective. I did want to ask you about your Kings of Sparta. Love the name. Super cool. Just wanted you to kind of walk everyone through what that is.

Speaker 2 00:24:50 So I had an H on the back of my neck for quite some time, as I was going through this, this journey, this past five and four years, where specially as men, we’d like to go it alone. Right? I’m good. I don’t need to do this. And, uh, so, so this year I finally took the plunge at the beginning of 2021 to grab a bunch of men who were like-minded, who wanted to be accountable to themselves. We’re always great at holding others accountable. When, when it comes to ourselves, usually we let ourselves down or we don’t follow through with what we’re doing. So being able to do that on a daily basis, connect with online, and man, it’s been a game changer for them, but they’ve, they’ve enriched my life as well. Because as the leader, as the guide, I’ve got to step up and do the work every single day, just like I’m telling them to do so.

Speaker 2 00:25:40 Masterminding being in a brotherhood, being in a tribe, being in a community, anybody, men, or women, and I’ve just recently rolled out the Queens of spotter for women. It’s so vital being connected. And we again, get into adulthood and we lose those connections. I played sports growing up. I love being on a team and you had this mission and this goal you get into later years, 2030s and forties, you’re disconnected from that. So finding a tribe, finding a sisterhood, brotherhood is just so, so vitally important to being connected to energy and then achieving amazing things.

Speaker 1 00:26:14 Yeah. I love that because we do that as a society. I don’t have a problem with this cause you know, we we’re chatting that my kids play sports and I played football, basketball, ran track. But what seems to happen is we’re so sports centric in some ways. And, and we don’t realize that how much we feed off of, you know, like, uh, being part of a tribe and tribalism. And, um, and so then we become adults and we don’t have like, we have an identity crisis. So we ended up, you know, worshiping, uh, NFL superstars and NBA superstars. And I just, me personally, I don’t like to wear another, you know, grown man’s name on my back, but I think it’s because so many people are missing something. So they want to be a part of something larger than themselves. And I’m always a huge proponent like, Hey man, I’m a Raiders fan, K I’ll watch liberal football.

Speaker 1 00:27:05 I’ll watch the warriors if I grew up in the, in the, in Sonoma county, but I will never spend eight hours watching football because there’s so much more things I can do productive with my time. So I love what you’re doing because this is a community where people can, can connect and provide real value as opposed to being going and getting fucked up at a bar and watching football for six hours. Hey, every once in a while, I’m okay with that. But people do this every single Sunday and then they start their week late. Like all the things we’ve been talking about. I, and I just don’t, I just don’t get that mentality as you become a man, somebody is trying to contribute to society or raising kids.

Speaker 2 00:27:42 Yeah. I would agree with you. And I would say it’s what the marketers are putting out there. Right? If you’re watching a football game, how many beer commercials are there? How many gambling commercials are there on a NFL broadcast, right. And, and that’s been glamorized as socially acceptable, where if you want to be great, if you want to be extraordinary life, there’s no fucking way you can do that stuff and, and operate at a high level. You just can’t. And I speak from experience. I was the guy in my twenties, thirties that got shit faced on Friday and Saturday nights and would struggle for getting up off the turf on, on Monday mornings. But I got to a point where obviously my mom passing and some other things it’s happening. I, I had to make a shift and, and you know, I do decompress. Like we, everybody always asks me, well, when do you take time to rest? Well, I do. I take a power nap in almost every afternoon, but I do it properly. Right. I’ll go to a float spa and get a flotation tank for an hour and meditate. And that recharges me. I’m not going out and putting a toxin in my body in any capacity because it’s not going to allow you to run fast and do amazing things.

Speaker 1 00:28:57 Yeah. I love that. I wish more people would really hate that message. Um, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to have you on here as, as a performance coach, because it’s so important, you know, if you really want the things out of life, then, you know, like that comes with having to do things right for yourself on a daily, on a daily basis, you know, it’s like, you’re, you’re pointing at the morning routine. Some people joke with me too. They’re like, oh, you’ve worked 23 and a half hours a day. And I’m like, well, no one. I always make time for myself to, I enjoy what I do so that, that, you know, that helps. But you know, you gotta, you gotta pay yourself every day. And that’s for me getting up early. So I don’t do it five days a week. I do it seven days a week because why would I, why would I stop on the weekends? You know, it doesn’t, it doesn’t, it doesn’t make any sense to me. Um, you know, a couple more questions for you. Uh, Jeff, you know, is there any single strategy you’ve seen to kind of help people accelerate their growth,

Speaker 2 00:29:51 Being connected to others, right? We just talked about the Kings and Queens of Sparta being connected to others. When you feel that connection, when you feel that tribe, the, you feed off the energy, as well as you don’t want to look like the one that doesn’t do the work and right. There’s that, that society pressure, that, that kind of peer pressure in the group, but you connect it. When we, you know, we’re having this conversation, you can feel the energy, bounce it off of this back and forth. When you’re surrounded by positive energy. When you’re in a group that is looking to be the best version of themselves personally and professionally, you’re inherently going to get better. And it’s, it’s just so vital to not go alone, to connect with others, find your tribe wherever it might be. Because when you have bad days, that’s going to keep you moving forward. You’re going to be connected. You’re going to know, I want to show up for that tribe because I’m a part of it. I want to be a contributor. I want to help. I want to serve that’s part of our DNA as human beings. So that would be the number one thing I would say that that’s the difference maker that could compel you to get quicker results.

Speaker 1 00:31:01 And what’s your, uh, your book based on

Speaker 2 00:31:05 Book is based on my four step morning fire methodology. So it’s my mantra. It’s rise, fight, love, repeat. So you’re rising like a Phoenix reborn each day, new possibilities, new opportunities. You’re fighting for your physical fitness, mental fitness, spiritual fitness. I feel like that fight mentality, that dog mentality is bred out of us as human beings, right? We need to have that fight, that dog mentality in us, loving yourself most importantly, and then you can love all those around you. And then that repetition, right? Just repeating it over and over again. So it’s a rise flight. Love repeat ignite your morning fire. And I, I lay out the methodology and share some personal stories in there.

Speaker 1 00:31:44 And you can, if everybody listening, you can go pick it up on a Jeff’s website. The first couple of chapters I believe for free, uh, to, to check out, um, he’s got a great website. And then, uh, Jeff people want to connect with you. Find the podcast by the book where would be the best place to connect with you.

Speaker 2 00:32:01 So the morning fire.com would be the best place. If you wanted to grab the book just straight out, you could go to Amazon. It’s out there on, on ebook or paperback morning. Fire for entrepreneurs is, is my podcast. I’m on all social channels, but best place where everything’s at is the morning and fire.com and check it out. And we’d love to love to speak with you. I just love connecting with other individuals. I feel like it’s a lost start and the social media landscape that we’ve got actually having a value-driven one-on-one conversation. So, you know, if you’re you’re compelled would love to, uh, love to speak to you.

Speaker 1 00:32:36 Yeah, I totally agree. I didn’t. I watched Dave Chappelle special with Chino. He got a lot of shit for, you know, uh, leave my opinions out of what I thought of the special, but one of the one thing he said was like, you know, I don’t get bothered with what people say on Twitter because it’s not a real place. And I was just like, that was like the one thing out of the whole special that really stuck with me. And I was just like, so every time I’m on Instagram or Twitter, and I’m like, this isn’t a fucking real place. Like I can shut this shit off and get my phone out, get my head out of this little screen. And, oh, I’m back in the real world where shit actually happens. Uh, so yeah, I just really wanting to echo that because it’s so important.

Speaker 2 00:33:14 It’s so, so, so with this, and I always relate that phone to like the tractor beam on the desktop, like it’s just pulling you in and there’s no good that that truly comes out of it. So you had so, so, so true.

Speaker 1 00:33:26 Yeah, absolutely. Well, Jeff, I really enjoyed our conversation. Thanks for your time today. And thank you for coming on for everybody. I will post a link to Jeff’s website and his book and his podcast. So please go make sure you check out all of those. And I would highly encourage you for someone that’s struggling and you do want to have a different type of 20, 22, uh, go connect with Jeff. Um, you know, everything starts in the morning. He’s mastered his routine and helping people create a community. So go check it out and become a part of it. Jeff, thanks so much for your time.

Speaker 2 00:33:57 Thanks for having me, man. I appreciate it.



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