How to Stay Focused, And Be More Productive

Staying focused is a real challenge nowadays. We get pulled in a lot of different directions with demanding workloads, we have constant distractions of email, social media, and text messages. Your ability to stay on task and focused will significantly improve your odds of accomplishing more, making more, and improving your overall well being.

Here are the top 5 ways to stay focused.

  1. Time block your activities
    • Do NOT set big chunks of time to do your activities, your activities should be no longer than 60 minutes at a time
  2. Do NOT multitask, stay singular focused. Work ONE task at a time
    • Science shows, multitasking makes you fatigue faster and causes more mistakes
  3. Prioritize your day
    • Make a “Power List” of items that must be accomplished today to move you into the future
  4. Take Breaks
    • I am all for grinding hard all day, every day, but it is important to break yourself for 5 minutes every 60-90 minutes to regroup and refocus on the task at hand
  5. Remove Distractions
    • Put your damn phone away! Set up your social media apps, so you cant check them during working hours (yes there are apps for this). Close down your email, if you have it up, you will be tempted to check it. Do not take incoming calls, you have a voicemail for a reason. You have to at all means necessary to remove distractions.

You probably just read all five of those and items, and went, “Duh, Ty! Those are so obvious.” But get real, do you do all 5 daily? No, you don’t. So moving forward be conscious of them, set yourself a game plan, and recongize when you get on your phone or jump on your email or when you have been workign for 3 straight hours with no break, course correct. The more you catch yourself in the act of bad habits and correct them in the moment the less often they will happen.

Stay Focused, and BIG things will happen. I promise.

Check out this podcast on why you need to invest in yourself or your clients wont invest in you:



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