How to Stay Engaged Working From Home

Over the last several months most of us had to transition to working from home, which might not have been ideal for all of us, but given the situation, it was a small compromise.  As we enter our third month working from home, it can be a little disengaging to never leave the house, to not interact with peers, to not meet with clients, etc… so how do we continue to stay engaged and motivated with our work?

Here are 5 helpful tips I have been doing to help me stay engaged and upbeat.

  1. Exercise – get outside! Go for a run, walk, jump rope, do some push-ups, etc.  Release those positive endorphins.  I am a firm believer in setting the right tone for your day, and the best way to do that is to do something for your body early in the day.
  2. Walk Away – peak performers, break every 52 minutes, so get up often and walk around, get some fresh air, drink some water, you need to chop up that routine.
  3. WorkSpace – if you don’t have an actual office in your home, create one in an area that you do not typically relax in (like your bedroom). Keep your workspace for work, and your relaxation space for relaxation.  You don’t want to subconsciously feel like you need to be doing something for work when you want to be relaxing, and you don’t want to feel like you need to take a nap when working.  Your body responds to energy and patterns, so be conscious of your workspace.
  4. Talk to Others – take time every day to connect with friends and family.  I have made it a point to take a walk every night with my dog, and when I am on the walk, I call friends and family to stay connected, it has been great! I feel like I am more engaged in others lives than ever before.
  5. Set Goals – continue to set goals personally and professionally with things you want to accomplish while being at home.  Maybe it’s to start a new exercise routine, or maybe it is to clean out the garage or start that new side project for work you keep putting off.  Having targets and goals, keeps you working toward something of purpose, and without purpose, we get lost, distracted, and discontent.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan, the more we can be flexible and adapt to our situation with ease, grace, and positivity the better we will be.

Check this video on How to Set a Daily Game Plan

One of my Favorite books on habits below. Check it out.



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