How to Leave a Voicemail for Prospects

Here is what most salespeople do when leaving a voicemail…

“Hi, Mr. Smith, my name is Tyzer Evans, I am calling to talk to you about xyz, please call me back at 555-555-5555, I look forward to speaking with you”

You know what the above gets you? disappointment. No one calls you back.  Why? Well, it is not their job to call you back.  You are reaching out to them about your product or service, it is your job to call them back if you didn’t catch them at a good time.

Secondly, there was nothing engaging or of value about the voicemail.

So, next time you are leaving a voicemail, try the following:

“Hi, Mr. Smith, my name is Tyzer Evans, sorry I missed you, I was calling to speak to you able xyz trend that has been impacting others in your space (or industry).  I will give you a call back next Thursday at 4pm, should you want to call me before then, here is my number, I look forward to connecting with you.”

I have provided some sort of value, made my message about him, set the expectation I will be calling back, and still left him with my contact info.

This will greatly increase how many callbacks you get from prospects, increase your engagement rate, and will set you apart from your competitors who are calling to make the call about them, not the actual prospect.



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