How to Improve Your Work Ethic

“You can’t have a millionaire mindset with a minimum wage work ethic.”

Work ethic is something that is 100% in our control, in which accepting this fact puts us in a lot of control to succeed.

Here are 3 ways to improve upon your work ethic:

  1. Being Dependable – If work starts at 8am, show up at 745am and be ready to go by 8am.  Yes, it may cost you an extra 15 minutes of precious sleep, and you could possibly not be paid for the 15 minutes in which you were turning on your computer, and checking your phone… but I can tell you any good manager will be paying attention and notice that you are there early and ready to go when it is time to start work.
  2.  Doing Extra & Expect Nothing in Return – I am a firm believer in the law of reciprocity.  I know throughout my career taking on extra assignments, and doing more than is required has helped me get fast-tracked.  One, you are gaining and acquiring new skills and knowledge.  Secondly, you are looked upon as a leader.  Lastly, you are constantly being noticed by those above you in senior management.
  3. Completing your Work on Time – sticking to a deadline is important, it shows that you are responsible, dependable, and are able to execute on the task at hand regardless of circumstances.  It is easy to find a reason why something can’t be done, and or cant be completed in the allotted time given, but those with tenacious work ethics will find away.


Now, being conscious of these three simple tips does several things for your benefit. Let’s list a few:

  1. It instills a sense of discipline and pride in your work, that can be taken over into all other areas of your life
  2. Looking for a promotion or raise? What better way to stand out, than be the person, that is early, ask to do more than required and always get their work done. That’s how you get ahead.
  3. As mentioned before you start to acquire more skills, as you accomplish more and more tasks of greater responsibility, which makes you more valuable to keep.
  4. You feel good about you!



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