How to Deal With Knowledge Gaps

We all have to start somewhere. If you are new to sales or new to a company or selling a new product, that is ok! We have all been there. A lot of salespeople rush to learn every single thing possible before they get on the phones or out in the field, which is honestly admirable, it shows you care. But the reality is you cant learn everything before you need to get out there, so how do we bridge that knowledge gap.

Let’s start with what you don’t do.

  1. You don’t guess
  2. You don’t lie
  3. You don’t make promises on things you can’t deliver on

All of the above mentioned is a sure way to never gain trust or credibility. We work tirelessly as salespeople to gain trust and credibility, that is what we are after! So don’t ruin your hard work by guessing, lying, or promising things you can’t deliver on.

Here is what you need to do, and I know it makes you feel uncomfortable, I know it makes you feel like you don’t know what you are doing or it makes it seem like you are unprofessional… but you just need to say “I don’t know, but I will get you that answer for you.”

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t know everything. Everyone has been there, you saying “I don’t know, but I will find out for you”, and then you go and find out the info, one, shows you are trustworthy, two, it shows you do what you say you are going to do, three, it shows you care, and lastly, it gives you an additional reason to follow up!

So, the next time you get hit with a question that you don’t know, confidently, say “Great question! I am not 100% sure on the answer, and I don’t want to give you info that might be incorrect, let me find out and I will get back to you” and then move on! It is that simple.

Also, the extra added benefit of this, is you will then go find out the correct info, and know it for next time.

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