How to Build a Simple Sales Script

Everyone knows about sales scripts, but not many people use them.  A lot of salespeople just kind of wing it. Stop that.  Sales scripts are vital for your success.  I have a script written out for voicemails, routine follow up, RFP follow-up, firm proposal follow-ups, really just about anything you can imagine, I have written it out.  Why?  You always need to have a game plan for how you are going to attack any given prospect and where you are in the sales cycle with them.

Now, when making a script you don’t want to make the mistake of just reading it.  You must practice it.  Stand in front of the mirror and say your script out loud, record yourself on your phone saying your script.  You don’t want to sound like a robot, but you do need to have a road map of where you are going.  Again, to be a GREAT salesperson you must invest in yourself and in your craft!

Here are some basic tips for building a sales script.

  1. Always greet the prospect
  2. State your reason for calling (people appreciate transparency)
  3. Qualify your prospect
  4. Set appointment

It is really that simple to just have these 4 components when building out a script.  It should look something like this.

“Tim, this is Ty, thanks for taking my call today.  The reason I am calling today is we recently started doing business with a competitor of yours in the area, we were able to save them 35% of their current internet bundle while increasing their speed of internet.  Would you be the right person to talk to about saving money for your business when it comes to your internet? Or would there be anyone else in the decision-making process?

Did you have time to talk today? Or would you like to set up an appointment?

Is there any reason short of an emergency why you wouldn’t be able to make our appointment for next Tuesday at 10am?

I really appreciated your time today, I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

Thank you!”

It does not need to be over-complicated, but you MUST have a general idea where you are going and what are you trying to learn and gain from the prospect. In this case, it is to get to the next step of the sales cycle.

Grant Cardone has tons of great material on sales. I really have learned a lot from this “closers survival guide“, I really encourage anyone wanting to implement more practical tips like this to buy this book.



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