What does it mean to be Wealthy?

The secret to wealth is gratitude.

The more we appreciate who we are now, what we have now and our potential of where we are going, the better we can live our lives now.  Wealth is a relative term to what defines your happiness in more ways beyond the fiscal meaning.  You can have a wealthy spiritual life, you can be wealthy in love from your family, you can be wealthy in rich, deep, meaningful friendships. The more you honor and are thankful for the different areas of wealth in your life the more you will attract.  The secret to having a well rounded wealthy life is practicing gratitude.

A great gratitude practice to implement is to spend the first 10 minutes upon waking up thinking of things you are grateful for, and then do the same thing 10 minutes before bed.  This small practice will help to change the narrative of your life that you aren’t enough, or that you don’t have enough.  You will start and end the day focusing on all that you do have, and being thankful for it.  We all are imperfectly perfect with everything that we need right now in this moment.

I am grateful you read this.



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