High Performance Habits by Brendon Buchard | Book Review

My sales team and I do a book club every month.  The book for July was High Performance Habits  by Brendon Buchard.  If you are not familiar with who Brendon Buchard is, he is the world’s most successful high-performance coach.  He is the guru teaching the other gurus on how to take their game to the next level.

The book focused on 6 core concepts that one must develop in order to become a high performer.

  1. Seek Clarity
  2. Generate Energy
  3. Raise Necessity
  4. Increase Productivity
  5. Develop Influence
  6. Demonstrate Courage

Brendon goes into great detail about how to apply and develop these 6 core principals into habits, and how they have helped many of his clients.

Personally, the one I found that identified the most with was developing influence.  This is such an underrated habit.  If you are able to influence people in a positive way, this gives you the ability to be a leader, and it gives you the ability to help and sell your clients/prospects.  If you can lead others, and you can sell, you will always have a job.  I really enjoyed this section and think it’s important for those who do not like their current position at work or in life to realize that they probably not a person of influence.  How much that is hindering them from getting to where they want to be? A LOT.

The team really enjoyed the book, as did I. I would strongly suggest anyone who is struggling with developing the right habits or is seeking to become a high/peak performer to read this book and implement the practice that Brendon suggests.

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