Have a Clear Call to Action, Don’t Use “Just Checking-In”

A common default for sales reps to use when calling back a prospect is to use the line “Hey Tom, I am just calling to check in” or “Hi Jane, I was just calling to touch base”. Bullshit. You are calling for a purpose, so get to it. You call your mom, your wife, your husband, your dad, your kids to check-in, you don’t call a prospect to find out how they are enjoying the weather or their latte.

Be clear, be transparent, and get on with it. ALWAYS, have a reason for your call. This is why taking notes is so crucial you want to be able to refer to prior conversations or call with the latest update or trend in your industry. I promise you, your prospect is going to find a lot more value in you when you respect their time and call with a purpose. They understand why you are calling, so don’t beat around the bush, get to it.

So, stop calling to check-in and touch base.

A great book on sales and prospecting is “Little Red Book of Selling” by Jeffrey Gitomer: https://amzn.to/3jBRC6N

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