Feel Better in 5 Minutes – w/Amanda Hainline

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Speaker 1 00:00:23 All right, everybody. Thanks for joining me on grindstone elevate. This is tied today. I’m sitting with Amanda handline. Who’s the author of feel better and five minutes, Amanda, how are you?

Speaker 2 00:00:33 I’m great. How are you?

Speaker 1 00:00:35 Good. Thank you. Thank you so much for joining me today. Um, well you are a unique guest and I’m excited to talk to you. So I just, for context purposes, everybody knows who you are. Uh, why don’t you go out and introduce yourself?

Speaker 2 00:00:50 Well, I’m Amanda and I am an Amazon bestselling author. Um, I’ve been doing this energy work and intuitive healing for the past 15 years and, um, worked with one-on-one clients all over the globe and just love what I do and love sharing my insights about my business and how that can help people.

Speaker 1 00:01:14 Yeah. Well, thank you. So Amanda hit it kind of on the head. So, uh, I would refer to you as kind of like an energy healer, intuitive healer, right? And so what I wanted to have Amanda on is, cause I think that, um, a lot of people I’ve, I’ve referenced at times if you guys have ever picked up on it listening, but it’s, um, you know, I’m a very spiritual person and I believe in energy healing, it’s something that I’ve been exposed to in my whole life. And it’s helped me in business. And especially in sales, be able to keep calm, not take things personally, check my ego at the door, especially when you’re working on big multimillion-dollar deals. It can be important to do that. So that’s why I wanted to have Amanda onset that should be able to provide a lot of value. Then we’ll talk about ways that she can maybe adopt some of these principles. Um, so the first thing, I appreciate you giving us your background, you know, talk to us a little bit about what, what spurred you to write your book and how did you get into energy healing or in this kind of fall into this field, to begin with?

Speaker 2 00:02:12 Right. So, uh, what inspired me to write the book, as you know, I’ve been thinking about writing a book for a while. And last year during the pandemic, I started seeing a lot of people say, you know, I feel all this energy around me. I feel anger and fear and stress and, you know, they had their own stress, but they were also just kind of feeling it in the app, the spear in general. And so I saw that more and more, and I started giving people tips and writing little things about it. And if I, you know, I think this needs to be a book. And so I started, it took me about three minutes. So right now a year later I was done. Um, so, uh, it just kind of morphed from, you know, little tidbits of information into this comprehensive guide for people to really tap into their emotions where their emotions come from.

Speaker 2 00:02:58 You know, um, a lot of people just feel like it’s these things floating in the ether, but not real clear on why emotions come and go and that, and that sort of thing and why they’re triggered by certain elements. So this book is all about giving people kind of a comprehensive guide on emotions from a different perspective, from an energetic perspective, rather than just psychological, you know, because that’s mostly that’s in your head, you know, and you’re in, you’re trying to deal with things in a logical way when emotions really aren’t logical and they’re not sequential for a reason because our subconscious connects things in a way that’s not a logical sequence a lot of times. So this book kind of explains that and explains how to tap into your emotions in a new way so that you can understand them better. And you can start to clear those emotional states from your energy system and from your subconscious. So they’re not holding you back.

Speaker 1 00:03:55 Yeah, no, I think it’s extremely important and very invaluable. I don’t think we always are consciously aware to realize that everything is energy, right. You know, that’s, I mean, literally the plane that we live in is like an energy plane and it says we’re just decoding it with our brain. Right. And turn it into the five senses reality, uh, which is, it’s very interesting that we don’t always make that connection that, you know, that we’re with. There really is no solidity when we get down to the science of it. But how did you start to fall into this field? Like how did you, what were you doing before this and kind of what was that progression into this?

Speaker 2 00:04:34 Well, it’s kind of interesting because one of the people that are in this field were seekers, you know, they were looking for some kind of spiritual path or they started meditating and it led them into this space and now they are where they are. But for me, it was kind of different is I was thrust into this field. I mean, in my mind by accident, you know, nothing’s by accident. But, um, I was depressed. I was angry. I was frustrated. I was a mom of two young children at a difficult marriage. And, um, my friend suggested I go to an energy healer and I had never been to one before. That was not in my background, but I had always felt like I had some kind of gift or something, but it just wasn’t ever clear to me. And it didn’t feel safe to express it. Um, given where I was raised in, in how I was raised and everything, and not from my parents, but just in the little society bubble that I grew up in and, uh, energy healer.

Speaker 2 00:05:31 And, um, the first session was great. I felt way better afterward. I felt like, wow, this could be an answer. You know, I didn’t want to do medication for depression and anxiety. And, um, it really made me feel better. But after the second session or during the second session, um, my, uh, energy healer just kind of said, well, all of your shoppers want to open it once. And I was like, well, what’s a shocker. I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. And I got blown open and it, my life was never the same after that. I mean, it just felt like I’d been hit over the head. I know my home would be 10 step. It was like I was being electrocuted. It was a wild experience. And after that I started hearing voices and seeing things and all my traumas from my childhood were coming up.

Speaker 2 00:06:15 I was having these PTSD episodes that I couldn’t control. And so there’s not any information on the internet that leads you to believe you’re saying when this happens, you know, it’s all kind of either so far out there that you have no idea what they’re talking about or it’s like, you need to be medicated and be in a psychiatric hospital. And I was like, no, I know that this experience is for a reason. I just have to understand what’s going on. And so I went, I kept going back to healers because that’s all I knew how to do. Uh, as far as who could help me with this. And I’m about six months into it, I started feeling like I had a handle on it. I had a hole and a grip and I was doing laundry one day and three large angel showed up in my living room and said, we’re going to teach you how to heal people.

Speaker 2 00:07:00 It was kind of one of those, it felt like a sales pitch, you know? And I’m like, what? No, no, no, no. My life is crazy. You know, have you seen like, have you looked around and like, I’m, I’m a mess and they’re like, no, that’s what we’re going to teach you how to do, do not go see training anywhere else. And so of course, what did I do? I went and looked for training because no, one’s going to believe that angel showed up in my living room. Uh, but, um, yeah, I just, I couldn’t find any close to me. I couldn’t find any that I can afford. And so I said, well fine, you guys teach me then. And so they started training me how to work with energy and how to work with people in regards to energy and started showing me things. They would just come into sessions and kind of walk me through things step by step and how to work with people. And people start showing up at my door. They started coming into my life that needed help. And so that was, you know, 15 years ago. And I’ve been doing that ever since.

Speaker 1 00:07:49 Well, thank you for sharing. I can imagine that must’ve been quite the experience. I kind of started doing some laundry. You guys show up or the idiom archangels, or was it just you guys?

Speaker 2 00:08:03 They were archangels. I had a set of guides that came in, in the very beginning. Um, probably about a month into the variance of that. When it first happened, I started being able to hear, um, complete sentences. At first it was just garbled kind of messages. Like you’re trying to tune into a radio dial, but I started to see guides, you know, what, I would see them in my mind’s eye and I was having dreams about them and that kind of thing. And then they started communicating with me and I got their names. And then those were my kind of initial, um, you know, orientation guides, I guess you could say. And then when the Archangel showed up, um, I CA I can’t ever remember a hundred percent who it was. I think it was like Gabriel. Um, and I know Michael was there as well.

Speaker 2 00:08:52 And I think there was one more, I don’t know if that one was Narcan. I it’s been a while, but, um, yeah, they were, they were probably about seven feet tall, um, very large imposing things in your, in your kitchen. And so, uh, it was, it was pretty wild to, to be contacted like that, but honestly, it was kind of one of those, like, what do you want? Because I have been having a lot of contact with that other side and I was going, oh gosh, now what, you know, can I just do my laundry and live a normal life? But the answer was no, no I could not. And, uh, so you know, your path, isn’t always what you think it is, but I’m, I feel truly blessed. So it’s, it’s been an awesome journey.

Speaker 1 00:09:31 That’s great. And thank you again for sharing I’m. So how did you, you got the information from, you know, uh, angels that visited you, and then you take that information and kind of, where did you start to do with it? I just started to process that, uh, process that,

Speaker 2 00:09:46 Um, it’s definitely a process because, you know, it’s not like we’re talking here and you have this complete logical stream of consciousness and thought that comes in it’s bits and pieces of things. So it’s kind of like if you took a word document and like had, you know, a couple sentences here and a couple sentences there, that made sense in your head, I mean, to put it together with the images and feelings, and so learning how to disseminate that information into something that I could understand, and then I can translate to people across the board. So, um, the more I did it though in the more I practice, what I started doing is writing things down. So if a guide started talking to me, I would start writing and that helped it become more clear as far as what the information was and how I was getting it.

Speaker 2 00:10:38 And then I would run into people in the restaurant or in the grocery store. Sometimes I would hear a voice in my ear saying, you know, they don’t need to eat that. They’re allergic to it. You know, go tell them, I’m like, no, I’m not going to walk up to some random stranger and be like, don’t buy that cereal. You know? I mean, it’s just like that kind of stuff would happen all the time to me. So learning how to create filters myself so that I could function without a voice in my ear, 24 7 driving me crazy because there was not just one, there were several voices and then I could hear other people’s thoughts and things when I was in public. So I did go through a period of isolation, um, with that, because it was just difficult to be around a lot of people cause I could feel, and, and since everything that was going on around them, but as I did it more and more in like today, you know, I can, I can go out, I’m fine most of the time.

Speaker 2 00:11:30 Um, but helping people to understand energy and understand the information that’s coming across for them is something that I’ve really gotten pretty good at just because I’ve done it so much when someone’s in a session, you know, things will come through pretty clearly as we start talking and the information will come through where it’s appropriate for them. Like, I I’ll see or hear your thing that I’m like, what does that even mean? You know? And I’ll, I’ll say it to them, like some analogy that I would never use for myself, but it’s relevant to them. And so it’s something they can relate to. Like, um, a lot of times, if I’m in a session with women, it’ll be in regards to their children, or if I’m in a session with, with a guy, it’ll be like, you know, mechanically during it’s like, well, you know, when the engine makes this noise or when you have to add oil or I mean something bizarre, right? It’s like, ah, it’s not something I would use, but it’s something that’s relevant that, that they can relate and understand. So that’s kind of the cool thing about it is it’s always something that’s really appropriate for the person I’m talking to. And not necessarily, you know, it’s not a management for me, so that’s, I enjoy that part of it. Cause I never know what’s going to come out.

Speaker 1 00:12:41 Yeah, no, I, I like that. Um, it’s, it’s interesting. I think that, uh, what a lot of people, you know, having gone through, uh, several readings, myself and whatnot, you know, it’s always a part of that that’s affirmation, right? That the, that the guides and people, they want to be affirming that, yes, this is real. We do understand you are on the right path. And so they can oftentimes use relatives or objects or colors, things that are, uh, are, are, are important to you. Um, like I’ll tell you the great story. One of the best affirmations I told you, I kind of tuned to Reiki and I’ve never told that very few people know, this is weird that I’m saying this live. Um, but I went and I got a two-inch or a Reiki level one, and you know, you go through the whole ceremony, it’s opening my Palm chockers right.

Speaker 1 00:13:26 So you can do hands-on energy healing. And which was crazy too, because we did a test before and they were not open before and then after. And so now I do the little party trick where I can mess with my, uh, my Palm chakras. Um, it’s, it’s fun. So, but when I got home, I didn’t know, my mom was also at a reading in Northern California and I was, I was living at the time in Santa Barbara. And so we’re, you know, a couple hundred miles, six hours apart. And so, uh, she called me and she goes, Hey, did you have your Reiki class today? I go, yeah, I did. And I just got home and she goes, well, I was doing a reading in Dr. Usui, Dr. Usui is the founder of Reiki, um, from Jay is from Japan. And he’s the one that kind of brought the, an old tradition of energy healing back to light in the twenties.

Speaker 1 00:14:15 And he said he was very happy. And he wanted to congratulate you on taking your step and gaining a tune to Reiki. And he also wanted me to ask you, what is the color blue? Like, I don’t know. I have no idea. And she’d go, well, he just said, you know, ask Ty what the color blue is. No idea. So anyway, go about my night, my fiance at the time, which is now my wife today, uh, very skeptical, no spirituality really involved in her life or how she grew up. So, but she’s, I said, Hey, I want to practice. So immediately practice. I do my prayer immediately. My little dog who’s very well. Um, the veil is completely lifted. She freaks out because she sees the angels come into the room. I had actually, it was so she was so freaked out the dog. I had to put her away, which me and my wife, a little weird and then long story short, um, go through the whole 60 minute session.

Speaker 1 00:15:04 And we get done in my wife, goes, God, the entire time, all I could see was the color blue. She said, it just took over my entire vision. All I could see was blue. I’d almost just so distracting the whole time. I felt incredible. My wife, she had a car accident, broke her back in three places. So the Reiki has been very therapeutic for. And, but it was in that moment when she said, all I could see was blue. I go, oh, that’s it. That’s my affirmation. Right. And, and then I called my mom and I told her, and she goes, you know, she goes, as much as I’ve been through this. And as many times I’ve been affirmed, she said, it’s just simply amazing, you know, the messages that we can receive when we’re ready to receive them. Um, so anyway, I just want to share that story with you. Cause it was really cool that that happened. That was about 10 years ago.

Speaker 2 00:15:45 Wow. That’s awesome. Yeah. I love it because you just never know, um, what, what the messages are gonna mean. You know, I’ll tell people things sometimes and they’re like, I have no idea. I’m like, well, I don’t know either. That’s just what I’m hearing to tell you. And then they’ll call me like, remember when you told me this, I’m like, Nope, because this message isn’t for me and oh gosh, you know, this happened and uh, you know, you said it was this and I, you know, one of the things about messages too is sometimes you assume that it means one thing when it means another thing, you know? And um, I like to use the analogy if you’ve ever seen that. I think it was a Geico commercial where the guy wrote the genie lamp and he’s like, I want a thousand bucks like that. And then a thousand, you know, deer pop into his yard. And he was like, oh, that’s not what I meant. You know?

Speaker 2 00:16:36 So it’s, you know, sometimes it can be things like that. It’s like, I tell me, be careful what you wish for. Be very clear with, with, with what you, why, you know, but it’s, it’s interesting how, how information presents itself. I mean, I think sometimes people assume, you know, being psychic or being intuitive and open that you always kind of know what’s going to happen and you don’t, you really don’t in your own life. You have no idea. You know, a lot of times, you know, you may get guidance, but sometimes it’s not what you think it means. And um, I find that true for other people too. So it’s always kind of interesting how it don’t manifest, but I love your story about the color blue, because that’s just awesome. My first session, I saw the color purple and I didn’t know what it meant. And then my next session, it was like, oh wow, everything’s blown wide open now, you know?

Speaker 1 00:17:20 Yeah, absolutely. No, no, that’s it. I haven’t had well because of the Archangel that I feel like I resonate with most is Michael. And so I have him a tattooed on the inside of my leg. He’s you can see, I have a little bit of artwork. Um, awesome. Yeah. So, you know, I want to shift a little bit and you know, when you have people come to you, I’m just cause I’m sure one of the most frequently asked questions, people ask you is probably about their career, you know, money career, where am I going? Where am I headed it? Any messages for me? Am I on the right path? Should I be looking at something else? I’ve had this idea? I’m sure a lot of that probably happens, but do you do one? Um, is that true? And then two, are there people that come to you and just say, Hey, you know, I’m, I’m stressed out with work or is there anything that you could help me as far as apply tools and principles to alleviate my stress or my anxiety as I, as I kind of go through my day.

Speaker 2 00:18:12 Right. So, um, yeah, first off people do come to me and ask me those questions. It’s usually love and money, right? There’s the two most, uh, ask questions and the universe and, um, people will come and they’ll say, you know, I’m like, yeah, I’m stressed out at my job frustrated. I don’t know if I’m on the right path. I keep having this problem, that problem. And, um, you know, it just kind of depends on where the person is in their journey. What I get information wise, if they’re not quite ready to move on to the next thing I might get, well, not yet, but you know, in six months or in three months or next June, you know, and sometimes I get timelines like that. Um, if they’re really ready to make a transition, you know, but um, sometimes people feel really lost and they’re just meant to wonder around a while.

Speaker 2 00:19:07 You know, I could say, you know, sometimes it’s like, oh, you need to go to this city or you need to have this experience, you know? And I’m like, you know, I’ve never told anyone to go skydiving, but it would not surprise me if I had gotten that advice came through someday because each experience leads the next. So what I tell people, I work with a lot of college, uh, or you know, college in high school going into college, uh, girls. And they’re always like, you’re, they, they, yeah. They say, well, oh, I have to go to this college or I have to have this experience. And I’m like, you’re going to have the experience that you’re meant to have. And it may not be the college you’re thinking it may not be the city you’re thinking. And that’s okay. You know, I think a lot of times we get caught up in the thought process of, okay, I graduated high school, I go to college, I get this job.

Speaker 2 00:19:56 I get that job. I’m going to be at this company, do this. But in reality, you may have something that completely changes your life path and you end up in a totally different field than you thought you were going to be. And it’s the best thing ever, you know? Um, so I’m always telling people, you know, go with your gut. I mean, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve talked to people that have graduated college and started a job and gone, I hate this and what do I do? And how do I tell my parents and all of that? And I said, you know, you have to follow what your soul wants, because if you don’t, it’s a very, very stubborn thing and you will end up on a different path regardless of whether you want to or not. You’re going to have an illness. You’re going to have an injury.

Speaker 2 00:20:35 Something’s going to happen to leap in a different direction. So I tell people to always kind of go with that, if they’re being guided, um, as far as to help them through the day, one of the biggest things that I’ve found, you know, people are more empathic than, than they think they are. And so if they’re in an environment that’s negative, if they don’t enjoy their job, if they have a coworker that’s stressful, a boss that’s, you know, verbally abusive, emotionally abusive, that kind of thing, it can really, really affect you. Um, but just for general anxiety, um, I tell people, grounding is the best thing that you can do just before a meeting. If you’re nervous, if you’re struggling with getting out an email to someone that maybe you’re you’re, um, you’re nervous and have anxiety about communicating with, and it’s a really simple thing to do.

Speaker 2 00:21:24 And if you just use a little bit of visualization and it’s super, super simple, um, so all you do is you just imagine your feet on the ground or put your feet on the ground, and then imagine roots going into the ground from your feet down into the ground. And then as you’re doing that, kind of, you can feel yourself calming down because when we unground, what we do is we kind of pull our energy up from the earth. And when you do that, it’s kind of like a, it’s like a live wire, right? I mean, you’re just kind of flopping around in the breeze and you’re not rooted into the ground like a tree. And we’re really meant to be in touch with the earth. So after you dig the roots in, then you can actually have the visual too, of, of pulling energy up through your roots and taking a deep breath and just breathing in grounded energy and then breathing out anxiety. And just doing that a few times. And that is some thing that will, I would say, 95% of the time, it’s going to work to at least settle you down a little bit so that you, you’re not feeling as much of that energy coming in through you.

Speaker 1 00:22:30 I love it. I think grounding is really important. It’s amazing to me how much we’ve, uh, we’ve restricted ourselves from nature. You know, we were shoes even like I’m a big fan of Wim Hoff, and it talking about like your skin, right, is your largest organ. And so like we desensitize our vascular system by wearing clothes. Like we’re meant to feel heat into fuel cold and you get cold. The first thing you gotta do is you put on a jacket, but you’re supposed to feel the cold because it works your vascular system, which is great for your heart, right? So we do all these things to really restrict our connection with nature that sometimes I think to help us get through our day easier and what you’re talking about, whether it’s through breath work, um, or through grounding. And one of the things I did want to have you touch on a bit more, cause you hit it.

Speaker 1 00:23:13 And I’m a huge proponent of this. I never thought that, you know, 10 years ago I’d be living in Houston, Texas, or even Katie. Um, you know, I was in, I was in San Diego and just starting my career and having a ton of fun, but I’ve always been someone who sees life as an experience. And I think that to your point, once you’re in alignment with yourself, the assignment will come in. So many people are not in alignment. And then that is why, in my opinion, to some extent with there’s not for everybody, but we have such an epidemic of people on the pharmaceutical stuff is more than trying to mask and put a bandaid on how they’re feeling internally because they just haven’t done the right type of work. Right. There’s been, a lot of people are probably going to be like, Hey man, I need this. I have a chemical imbalance, sharp, absolutely micromanage. My grandma was manic, depressive bipolar. She should have been medicated. So I’m not saying that I’m just saying there are some things that we could do to help alleviate how we feel on a day-to-day basis when you become an alignment with what you’re meant to do. So I mean, how do people find that though? They’re like, shit, I hate my desk job. Like how do I go start to find that alignment,

Speaker 2 00:24:18 Uh, that, you know, it looks different for everyone. Sometimes I tell people, take a break, you know, go on a trip where, you know, I’ll start by asking them some logical sequential questions. I’m like, what is something you’ve always wanted to do? And most of the time, I don’t know. I’m like, no, really? Like when you were, we’re asking questions, like when you were five years old, what’d you, what did you want to be? Because as children, we are more in alignment with who we are as beings then as we get to be adults, right? A lot of things we get really disillusioned, we think, well, I could never be an astronaut. Okay, well maybe that’s not the track you’re on, you know, but maybe it does have something to do with space. You know, maybe you need to be an astrologer or maybe you need to be an astronomer or just get out in nature and really appreciate that because maybe that’s your, maybe that’s your soul’s happy place, you know?

Speaker 2 00:25:08 And maybe that’s where you can find the reflect chin because when we are going and going and going all the time, we’re so busy doing that. We miss the beam and we’re not silencing ourselves so we can hear that voice inside. So that’s something I really encourage people to do. I’m like, you know, what comes to you at two in the morning? What do you wish you could do? You know, that’s what you need to be listening to. You really need to be listening no matter how silly it is. You know, I had one person that was like, well, all I, all I, other thing that I want to do, it sounds really stupid. I’m like, well, no, Tommy. They’re like, I want to make pottery. I’m like great. Then make pottery. I was like, no, one’s going to do, you know, we have this idea that people are gonna judge us for making pottery or drawing cartoons or biz.

Speaker 2 00:25:53 But sometimes it’s those things that really lead us to the next step, you know, opening up that creative center inside of you and opening up your mind to different possibilities is the key to really tapping into that stuff. Because if you’re stuck in your lane, if you’re stuck in your cubicle all the time, and you’re not attempting to access that at all, and you’re shutting yourself down there, there’s no way to get through. You’re just creating more and more walls for yourself. So by opening up and expanding into a creative space, into something that is different from what you’ve been doing, just go for a walk in the afternoon, you know, it could be anything. Um, but it’s, it’s huge for people to do that and really kind of break out of that rigid wife that they’ve created for themselves nine to five. And we have so much structure that we don’t allow ourselves free flow and energy really does better in a free-flow environment.

Speaker 1 00:26:47 I don’t disagree that. And I have a, I live in a paradox where I’m like, most people think I’m militant with how scheduled I am, but what they don’t realize is I allow flex time in my schedule. Uh, and I, I have my morning routine or I have my practices I have to implement into my day to keep me to keep me sane. So I don’t, I don’t spin out. Uh, and, uh, one of the things that I was victim of, which was my own doing, and we may have different opinions on this, but you know, I think a lot of victimization is, is self, uh, brought on. I think that, you know, the experiences are part of our contract that we’re supposed to learn certain things, you know, in, in this plane at this time. And it’s gotten really masked in the way today. It’s not necessarily about learning the lesson. It’s more about, I’m a victim and this was done to me, not for me, that type of mentality. So how do you start to help people kind of guide them in a direction where they can be empowered to understand that your story’s important and those experiences were meaningful irrespective of what they are and start to, can help that self-talk go from poor me to I’m empowered,

Speaker 2 00:27:55 Right? So that’s, you know, you’re, you’re, do you just hit it on the head? I mean, the society these days is really kind of that victim mentality, you know, biologically, we are wired to, um, look out for danger, you know, and it’s kind of morphed into this. You know, everything is bad, everything is evil, poor us, look at this poor person, you know, kind of thing. But, um, what I do when I’m working with people, if they’re really stuck in that mindset is, is I, I work, you know, if they’re looking at a perspective that’s very flat and very much kind of like, I it’s this wall, I can’t go around this wall. It’s been put up and there’s nothing I can do. I kind of tilt the wall sideways. And I say, okay, well, what about if you looked at your issue this way, you know, say they have, they, they grew up in an abusive home, right.

Speaker 2 00:28:44 Um, and I’ll say, you know, I understand, you know, I understand that you, that you’ve had these issues and I’m not discounting that discounting that at all. However, look at the person you are today and what you’ve learned about yourself and how you’ve been able to help other people. You know, a lot of times people that have been abused get into, they become healers, you know? And so I’ll say, well, you know, it taught you compassion for yourself and other people, yes, you’ve got this anger inside of you and you have been abused. And let’s talk about that and how to work on that. And so I teach people that all of this happened for a reason. You are the person you are today because of your parents, but you don’t have to be burdened by them. And so the book is all about teaching people that, yes, you experienced trauma.

Speaker 2 00:29:29 However, you can be empowered by that experience by releasing those things and letting them go. And every time you get triggered, triggered, it’s an opportunity to bring up that energy and release it because that’s, what’s keeping you bogged down in your life. And it just, our lives get smaller and smaller as we get older, because we have all these traumas stack on top of traumas and these recurring, um, patterns that happen because we say, okay, well I was abused, you know? And then you say, okay now, okay, I’m only capable of being abused in a relationship. And then we have these cycles that go on and on. See, I told you, you know, kind of thing to ourselves as it happens over and over. But when we start to release the underlying energetic structures, um, and really the root of where that occurred in the first place, say three or four years old, you know, if you have an experience and you start to release that energy, then those patterns start to break up and they start to change.

Speaker 2 00:30:26 And our relationships start to change. And our, our jobs start to change, you know, everything around us starts to change. Um, so it’s a really powerful thing to watch for people. Um, another thing that, that people don’t understand too, when this stuff starts to happen and you start to do the work as we call it, right? Um, is that your life is not gonna look the same. You’re not going to look at things the same and that’s a good thing. People will start to fall out of your life. Situations will start to fall out of your life. You know, uh, you may get fired from your job when you start doing this work, people think, oh, I’m going to start doing this work. I’m going to feel so much better. Well, sometimes things fall apart first, you know, it’s not always something that happens like, oh, magically, you were in the next place.

Speaker 2 00:31:09 And everything’s great. It’s, you know, when things start to be deconstructed, you have to understand, and that you’re not a victim of that. You’re not a victim of your life and your circumstance. This is actually for you, it’s for your journey. And shifting people into that mindset can be a little bit tricky. And some people have more receptivity to it than other people just depending on how they’re wired. But most people I’ve found once you start giving them things to look for say, okay, well this happened, but look at the bright side, what happened on the flip side of that? That was good. And giving them that relationship of things to be able to connect psychologically, it starts to really shift them over the long-term.

Speaker 1 00:31:52 Yeah, that’s fascinating. And that’s great perspectives. I think a lot of people maybe hear this and they may, oh, I do do that. And then, but you know, where do I move? I move forward. And I just wanna, um, kind of put this out there. Cause I think it’s important to acknowledge, especially with where we’ve been with COVID and this is just my own personal take, but I really do think though, the more that you have that negative self-talk and the more that that’s your vibration, then you do become smaller. Right? And I think that the way I view it is like you have these big beautiful ORAS and when you have a problem that you don’t address, it will manifest manifest itself. Physically. I think you said that earlier, and you will become sick. And I think that the people that haven’t done the work as they get older, they do get more hunched, older. They do get tighter, their bodies do feel more restrictive. And it’s because of all that years of all this shit coming down on them, energetically and then made assessed physically. But we’re not at a point in society where we can really accept that or acknowledge it, except for us, maybe that are more fringe on the outside trying to help people. Right. Um, so maybe just touch on that briefly and what you’ve seen, how that, that can actually affect us physically by not kind of energetically clearing ourselves.

Speaker 2 00:33:12 Right. So yeah, I preach that all the time is, you know, keeping your energy system clean as, as important as working out it’s as important as drinking water and you know, eating well. It’s, it’s very, very important because everything is energy and that’s the base of everything. So we can address all these physical things. But I was a nutrition for awhile, for instance, and I was just doing nutrition. I had done energy work for awhile and I thought, gosh, I’m going to get more into nutrition and really helping people to vitamins and all that cause I’m super passionate about it. And what I realized very, very quickly is that it was super frustrating for me to do because people would come in and they would say, I have a thyroid disorder and I’m looking at them and you know, I can see energy so I can see there.

Speaker 2 00:34:00 The throat chakra is basically a dying, you know, a dying thing, you know, it’s just hanging there. It’s, it’s solid. It’s, it’s completely restricted because they’ve had, they haven’t been able to use their voice for themselves in a really, really long time. Maybe their whole life, maybe they’re used when they were young. And then it just perpetuated, you know, like I was talking about earlier. So I’m going, yeah, your thyroid is an issue, however, in that needs to be addressed because once it gets to the physical level, you have to address that. I mean, there’s no, there’s no choice, but if you’re ever going to truly shift and get better or have a chance of truly shifting and getting better, you have to start working on the underlying energetics. So, um, that’s something that I see a lot in women, especially is, is thyroid disorders or they’ll have gut problems because that’s the chakra, your sacral shocker, you give and you give and you give and it tends to enlarge.

Speaker 2 00:34:54 And then I call it the floppy pancake shocker, because it just gets so big because there’s such a, an imbalance of giving and receiving their giving, giving, giving, and that shocker expanding to try to accommodate that. But they get to the point where they come to me and they’re like, I cannot do anything else I can’t give to my family. I can’t give to anyone. I just keep saying yes to everything. And so I said, you’ve got to start when someone says, thank you. Don’t say it was nothing. You were pushing away, the energy that you need to be taking in. You’ve got to take that in and say, you’re welcome. I said, just start with, you’re welcome. You know, it doesn’t have to be anything crazy. And teaching people that, really those things, that, those little decisions that we make in our life and our self-talk really impacts us long-term as we get older, you’re right.

Speaker 2 00:35:38 You know, all of that stuff just comes in and it keeps weighing us down. So taking that apart and starting that process is tricky for some people, especially if they have a really hard shell on the outside, if they’re those people that are just I’m all business and you know, they won’t let anyone in deconstructing, the outer shell can be really scary because a lot of times they have a very, very soft underbelly. So exposing themselves to the world will be super tricky. So those people do have a, a little bit of a tough time. Um, but I’ve found the energy work is a really good way to permeate that barrier without them really having to even talk about it. That’s the thing I love about energy work is because people come in, sometimes they’ve had such horribly traumatic experiences that they can’t voice it.

Speaker 2 00:36:20 They don’t feel like they can say anything and they’re on medications and they’ve got all these problems in their life, relationships, job, whatever, but the energy work gets in there and it breaks it up whether you want it to, or not. Of course, you know, I mean, depending on the person’s stability, I, I’m very, very careful and really honor where that person is. And that’s where I work extremely closely with my guides to understand, okay, how much can this person handle as far as work? You know, I’m very respectful of their psychological state and all of that. So it just really varies from person to person, um, how the energy work, you know, works with the person. But it’s, it’s pretty fascinating how that can just get in and really start to break that up. So that’s, that’s the reason that I went back to energy work after being in nutrition for a little while. Cause I was just so highly frustrated with addressing it only from the physical level, it just wasn’t working for me or for the people that I was coming into contact with. So

Speaker 1 00:37:16 Right. No, thank you and I, to people listening, Hey, my mom’s 57 and a T now she’s an incredible shape. She’s incredibly happy. And the, and this is the other part that people don’t know about her. Uh, she’s a nurse practitioner, so she’s got, she’s got a master’s in science, you know, she’s one step away from being a doctor, but she believes that this helps her patients on another level. I can treat you your physical stuff with, you know, XYZ. We got here in the clinic, but then I also do a little Reiki here. Um, so I, you know,

Speaker 2 00:37:50 You’re very, very lucky because it’s a rare thing, medical field, for sure. And I’m very science minded. You know, I grew up very science minded. I wanted to be an astronomer or a veterinarian or something when I grew up and this is the last place I thought I would end up honestly, uh, in energy work. But the relationships are, are really, uh, really amazing between science and energy and spirituality, you know, it’s, it’s all very, very connected and I think, um, that gets missed sometimes as well. So I think that’s awesome that your mom, nurse practitioner that’s, that’s so cool. I love it. And people that way.

Speaker 1 00:38:26 Yeah. Um, you know, I’ve, I’m always really grateful for her. And I think that, um, as you know, the quantum mechanics and the quantum field continues to up, I think we’re going to have a lot of really big breakthroughs and discoveries that people, a lot of people aren’t going to be ready for. But I think that are definitely necessary to continue our shift, uh, that we were, some of us were feeling that we’re going through right now. Um, where can people pick up your book and find your podcast?

Speaker 2 00:38:53 So I am on, um, Amazon right now. I’ve got my book out there, uh, feel better in five minutes and empowering guide to gain control over your emotions. And my website is Amanda Hayne line.com and I’ve got a blog on there and the podcast is up and coming, but that’s probably going to be something I’m starting in the next couple months. So, um, uh, putting all the pieces together for that super, super excited for that to be forthcoming. So.

Speaker 1 00:39:20 Awesome. Well, thank you everybody. Please go pick up her book. I think it’ll do a wealth of good, um, subscribe to the podcast when it comes out. I’ll keep everybody, um, notified, let me know and I’ll blast it on my social media and then any words of advice to, to, um, park.

Speaker 2 00:39:38 Well, you know, if you’re in that space where you feel super stuck and you feel like there’s no way out and, um, you’re just looking for something new, just ask yourself what is something I’ve always wanted to do and just go try it. It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t matter how silly you think it is. You never know where that’s going to lead you to the next place. So especially if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re in business, you know, um, it’s applicable to anyone, but definitely, you know, just start to listen to yourself inside, watch for the little signs around you because the universe always talking to you and it’s just waiting for you to listen.

Speaker 1 00:40:16 Thank you so much. Beautiful words, Amanda have enjoyed the conversation very much. Thanks for coming on.

Speaker 2 00:40:22 Thank you.



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