One HUGE struggle sales reps have is understanding that people who are going to buy from you aren’t going to buy from you because it is the logical thing to do. Humans are emotional beings! When we buy something we do with emotion and then rationalize it with logic.

Where a lot of reps get caught up is starting the conversation off by explaining all of the benefits and perks to the product, good or service, thinking this is going to make rational, logical sense to their prospect, and more often than not, they fail because of this. What is important to understand is that you are not wrong, it probably does make logical sense for your prospect to buy from you for all the reasons you listed or rattled off, but there is no emotional connection with whatever it is that you are selling.

So how do we bridge that gap? How do we get people to connect emotionally to our product, good or service? Stories.

Stories are the best way to get your prospect to connect emotionally to what you are selling. Why do stories work? Done, correctly, stories allow the prospect to put themselves in a position where they can visualize themselves or their company using the product, good, or service.

The more you are able to perfect storytelling, and have relevant stories your prospect can connect with the more business you will close period.

My sales team recently read an incredible book on how to tell effective stories. Below is the a link to the book, “Stories That Stick” by Kindra Hall, I strongly recommend this book if you have not perfected the art of storytelling in your sales process.



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