Don’t Undervalue Practice

Remember when we were kids and we went to school every day?  What was that all about? Well, obviously it was about learning,  how did we learn? We learned through repetition or practice every day.  I played, football, basketball and ran track growing you, every day I had practice.  Then we all graduate from High School, some go off to college and learn more, do more practicing of different sorts, but at some point, we all enter the “real world.”  Then for most, the practice stops.  We don’t develop our skills, we stop learning, we stop growing. Why?

I suppose the why will vary, but it is important to recognize, we should never stop learning, growing and developing our skills.  The more you learn, the more you develop your skills, the more you push yourself to grow the more value you bring, the more fulfilled you will become, and the more options you will have.

Don’t undervalue practice, one of life’s best-kept secrets is that the learning never stops.




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