Don’t The Limitations Of Others Become Yours

WAYYYY too many of us own the limitations of our peers, friends, and family.

I have been guilty of this!

People with a true sense of purpose are driven, when you are driven, others around you often don’t understand it because they have not stopped and done their own soul searching and ask what their purpose is. So the moment you move into action it invokes a huge amount of insecurity and self-doubt in them. Instead of acknowledging their own shortcomings, they project them onto you in the form of backhand comments like:

“You are doing good, why do you need more”

“Money does not buy happiness”

“You just need to relax”

“What are you trying to prove?”

Ever heard some form of these comments? I have but good news, it has nothing to do with you.

When you start outgrowing you current peers, friends, and family, their little voice in the back of their head starts to creep and say “why, aren’t you doing something?”, “how come you arent doing more?”. Their fear takes over, they want YOU to remain SMALL with THEM. But do not let them suck you into this trap. You know what you are capable of you, you know what you should be doing, so do it.

The worst thing we can ever do is not live up to our full potential. There will be many battles, many people will try to make you settle, many people will want you to play it safe, stay small, be content…but you know you are meant for more, you are meant to inspire, change lives, and make a difference…do that against all odds. It is your duty and obligation to yourself.

Even as many of you reading this, your first instinct will be to dismiss this post. Don’t. Read it again. Embrace and lean into your fear. Go do the thing you know you should have been doing years ago. People don’t die talking about the things they accomplished, they die with regrets.

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