Do You Have a Sales Problem or a Pipeline Problem?

How often do people think they have a sales problem.  Here are a few of the excuses salespeople typically use:

  • “I have all the bad leads”
  • “everyone else gets lucky, I do the samething as everyone else”
  • “my rates are too high”
  • “our competition has products we don’t have”

When I hear those objections, really what I am hearing is that someone has a small pipeline.

Guess what, everyone gets bad leads. Deal with it.  Some months, some people are going to get lucky, but that is not going to pan out long term.  One of your competitors is always going to be less, don’t get involved with the price game.  Everyone has a different product, if you don’t like yours, move companies.

At the end of the day, there are always going to be obstacles to overcome in sales, the best way to overcome any obstacle period is to have a MASSIVE pipeline.  If you have done a job of prospecting every day, allocating time for follow up calls, using a combo approach of using calls, VM, email, LinkedIn, text message, etc, then all of the mentioned excuses above will not apply to you because you will make money and sales due to your pipeline.  A massive pipeline is a secret that all great salespeople know about, which is why they are so fanatical about prospecting every single day.

So, next time you hear someone complaining about their sales numbers, tell them to go work on building a bigger pipeline.

The best book money can buy on prospecting is:



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