Has this ever happened to you? You made the sale, they said yes and then you kept talking, talking so much that you actually ended up selling yourself out of the deal? It’s ok, it can happen to the best of us, but let’s address it.

How do we avoid overselling? Very simple.

You ask for the business, and then shut up. If they say YES, no more talking is needed, get the contract in their hand, have them sign it, thank them and move on.

If they say NO, after a small pause, agree with them, that they are making the right choice (I know it seems counter intuitive), but then re-engage. Example:

Me: How would you like to proceed paying for the auto insurance?

Client: Oh, I am not ready to buy yet, just shopping price.

Me: That makes total, sense I could totally understand that you want to vet all your options, very smart. If you were ready to buy today, was there anything that I missed that would prevent you from buying this auto policy?

Hopefully, asking another probing question will get to the bottom of why they said NO, or at minimum it could be just as it seems, and they are not ready to buy, so you would enter them into the CRM system to follow up with.

Be very careful though, you dont oversell! You come across desperate, insecure and salesy.

At the end of the day your only mission is to serve your clients needs, if you have accomplished that, then wrap it up!

Check out this podcast on How to Turn a NO into a YES: https://apple.co/2I1WVz9



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