Discipline Equals Freedom By Jock Willink | Book Review

In 2020 I wanted to help my team start the process of self-development.  Many of us let life take over and stop working on ourselves after high school or college or when we start families, but really the most important thing we should continue to do is to work on ourselves.  Although I am in sales, I have found my success from sales really has been derived from my discipline more than skills (although skills are important). So, what better way than to start our new-found book club and new year off than learning about discipline than the master himself Jocko Willink.

For those of you who do not know who Jocko Willink is, here is a short bio: He is a retired Navy SEAL, best selling author, speaker and co-founder of Echelon Front

I normally would never talk about what the cover of a book looks like this, but with this book it was impactful.  It stands out and sends a message of… “should you open, this means business, get ready.”  It is all black with a picture of Jocko’s face, and all of the pages are black.

The book is broken into several parts all focusing on different components of discipline.  The first, and longest section focuses on Jocko’s thoughts on what is discipline, what are the bases around discipline and how do you start to rewire your brain to implement more discipline into all parts of your life.  There were several pages where I earmarked and will come back to over the course of my life, seriously, it was that impactful.

One of my favorite pages on was on GOOD, Jocko goes into how to look at “setbacks, failures, delays, or diasters” as a positive thing.  What is to be learned from those obstacles, and how can you use that to your benefit moving forward.  Now, this single word I can apply to any situation and get a totally different meaning. Example:

“Didn’t make goal at work? Good.”

“Didn’t get the job you wanted? Good.”

“Weren’t able to get the contract you wanted? Good.”

It totally helps you start to reframe every situation you are in for the better.

The other sections were broke into nutrition, martial arts and working out.  I am really happy he covered these topics, the best way to start implement discipline into your life is starting with the body.  Start working out, start eating better and it will start to trickle into other parts of your life.

I do not want to give away the entire book! I want you to go read it.  It will be one of the best $20 dollar investment you ever make for yourself.  The link below is where you can buy it on amazon.

Click here to buy it on Amazon:



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