Create Great “Email Subject Lines”

Wait, what Ty? How does this relate to sales? Ohhh, my friend, this relates to sales very much. Any good business will spend a lot of money on A/B split testing, they will hire incredible copywriters to make sure their newsletter are read with the most proficient open rate possible. Now on an individual level, I am sure your sales manager and company does not talk to you about this. Which is a big loss on their part, every sales rep I know sends lots of prospecting emails every single day, so we want to make sure they are being read! So we can close more deals.

Here are a few tips to make sure your emails have the best possible chance of being read.

  1. Create email templates and track which are working the best (given you don’t have software to do this for you).
  2. If you do have software make sure you are tracking this, don’t leave it up to your sales manager to inform you of the analytics.
  3. Keep your Email Subject Lines under 7 Words, if it is longer than 7 words it more than likely won’t be read on a phone.
  4. Mailchimp did a study and found, direct, simple subject lines worked much better than cute, luring subject lines.
  5. Use Humor. (Baby Got (Feed) Back)
  6. Blog Titles make good email subject lines (think about what makes you read or open something)
  7. Use personalize the subject lines (my favorite). If I see my name in a subject line, I am opening it, period.

Your message is important. Make sure it has the best possible chance of being read.

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