Combo Prospecting by Tony Hughes | Book Review

Combo Prospecting by Tony Hughes was one of the best sales books I have read in a very long time.  I wanted to cover some of the hight lights and big takeaways for me.

  1. Combining Old & New Techniques! As you might have guessed by the title Combo Prospecting, the book is about using a combination of sales techniques in order to reach your prospects.  We are in the information and technology age, and there are two different things happening right now.  People using old school methods of just calling and emailing…and on the other side, people just using social and funnels to sell.  Tony covers in great detail how to combine these methods into a winning formula to help you capture more business and get into contact with more prospects.
  2. Why Being Beat Up is Good For the Soul – It is important to realize the more you get beat up in sales, especially in the beginning the better off you will be.  Why? You learn from your mistakes, you accelerate your learning curve, and as you start to do both of these things you increase your confidence. Confidence is everything in sales, a prospect can sniff out someone who is unsure of themselves in about 2 seconds.  Tony does a great job going into detail about why this is important, and then does a deep dive explaining how “sales is about communication and making a positive impact”.
  3. Friending and Relationship Selling – Salespeople love to make friends! Which is great, but your prospects aren’t looking to make friends, they are looking for you to provide value and solve problems.  Tony does a great job of explaining what your mission is and how you need to avoid getting caught in this feel-good trap that doesn’t get your closer to making a sale and doesn’t provide them any value.

This is a book I would recommend for any sales professional who is looking to take their career to the next level.  It is a book I have bought now for over 20 people I like it that much!  Here is a link below to buy the book on Amazon, it is the best $12-ish bucks you can spend for the amount of value and money you will make off of it.



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