About Tyzer Evans

Tyzer Evans has a proven track record of success amongst varying sales related industries. With over 15 years sales experience he has received countless accolades and industry awards and has been named “A Top Producer” year after year. 

As a Sales Agent for AAA Southern California he excelled and became a widely recognized top producer which fast tracked him in 18 months to manage and lead multiple sales teams. With his high level of success as a manager, he quickly became known as the “fixer” and was sent in to manage and turn around struggling offices. 

His “Increase in Overall Production” averaged 30% in year 1 among the 4 teams he managed in his tenure.  He made the decision to switch industries in 2017 to commercial health insurance and was quickly recognized as a top rep. He received the “rookie of the year” award as well as national recognition asa  top 10 producer.  Due to his extensive managerial and sales experience, he was promoted to territory sales manager of Texas and Louisiana. Since his promotion, he successful increased revenue 100% in 18 months, making one of the lowest ranked teams in the company the top team in % to goal. He continues to provide invaluable expertise and is frequently sought out to help struggling reps and managers within the company. Tyzer is consistently asked for help with the creation and facilitation of new initiatives, and to be a guest speaker at sales summits. 

Tyzer currently lives in Texas with his two boys and wife Ashley. He enjoys traveling, coffee and craft beer, fitness, and reading. 

The Goal

My goal is to help and support you to become better in sales, as a leader, and as an overall person.  We can only get so far without a support system and others helping to hold us accountable. So let’s win together.

Change the way you look at your reality, and the reality you are looking at will start to change.

Tyzer Evans

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