About Tyzer Evans

Tyzer Evans grew up in a small town in Sonoma County, California.  He has always had a deep sense of wanting to help others and build a life that was meaningful, but he didn’t know what that was or how he would get it.  Leaving his small town at 18, he headed for San Diego, where he attended Cal State San Marcos, earning a degree in Social Science.  Now what was unique and unknowing at the time but he developed a strong work ethic and extreme discipline working seven days a week and going to school for five. 

After graduating college, he was in debt, unsure of what he wanted to do, but he knew he could outwork anyone, it was just finding the right vehicle to showcase his work ethic.  So he took a job with a car rental company (not what he thought he would do with his degree), and through that process, he proved that he a keen knack for sales.  Through some additional mentorship and work, he rose quickly to the top 3 reps out of 300+. 

After a stint with that company, he pivoted into insurance looking to help others protect their hard-earned assets and make more money for himself.  Since that time Tyzer has been promoted 7 times, moved across the country several times, and has developed hundreds of sales reps, and helped sales teams increase product anywhere from 25-250%.  While acquiring the skills of selling at a high level and learning how to lead teams, he started several of his own businesses.  This led to a deeper understanding of how to bridge sales, marketing, operations, and technology.  With all of this knowledge bubbling around in his head, he felt it was time to give back and start a podcast to share his experience and knowledge with others, but also bring on guests that were experts in their own fields.  So Grind Sell Elevate was born, which is now in the top 1% of all podcasts worldwide. 

Tyzer currently lives in Texas with his two boys and wife Ashley. He enjoys traveling, coffee, fitness, reading and constantly pushing himself to be the best version of himself. 

The Goal

My goal is to help and support you to become better in sales, as a leader, and as an overall person.  We can only get so far without a support system and others helping to hold us accountable. So let’s win together.

Change the way you look at your reality, and the reality you are looking at will start to change.

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