8 Ways to Engage a Prospect to Win Deals

There is so much noise in the world today!  So what are the most engaging ways to connect with a prospect?

  1. Stay consistent with providing value over time
  2. Over-deliver on expectations
  3. Connect on social
  4. Use text message
  5. Ask great questions
  6. Do Not make it about you – “be interested before you become interesting”
  7. Uncover needs & problems they didn’t know they had by being an industry expert
  8. Continue to pursue (most salespeople give up after 3 follow up attempts)

Some of these may seem like a no brainer, but can you honestly say you are hitting everyone at 100%?  Most salespeople, call & send an email that is about their product or service and will repeat this process two or three times, and then complain that the leads are bad… nope you are bad.  You must engage from an array of angles and tactics.  It is a big noisy world out there, you need to find a way to cut through the noise and make yourself heard and valued.

Watch this video on Effort is Everything



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