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peaker 1 (0s): This is the Grind sale in Elevate podcast, by Tyzer Evans where we do a deep dive on how to stay driven, how to be a top tier sales person and how to elevate the quality of your life.

Speaker 0 (24s): Grind Sell Elevate

Speaker 2 (25s): That would be talking about three things you can control that will help your sales, help your business and help your life.

Speaker 0 (30s): You know,

Speaker 2 (39s): The intro is a very broad, but it was brought on purpose. We’re in a day in age, where a lot of us feel helpless, we feel out of control, whether it’s been this past election, whether it has been COVID, whether it has been the economy. A lot of us feel like we’ve been out of control with everything happening. And I, and I can completely understand that I have, at times I have a hard time being trapped in my house for six months. You know, the election cycle has been nothing but negative, negative, negative that you don’t feel like whoever wins, the presidency is going to go good one way or the other, you know, it’s been very, very frustrating.

And then we have a huge economic dip. People are seeing their savings and get wiped out. Their 401k got wiped out. The market comes back to market, goes down, there are a scene. We’re going to have a huge problem with commercial real estate. So it seems like anywhere you look, there’s a lot of uncertainty. So I want them to make a video to talk about three things, to help you with a little bit of certainty in your life and things that we can control on a daily basis. So the first I want to talk, you guys about is taking action action to something that we always can control. Now, during COVID, when everything started to close down, people started working from home.

Some people start losing their jobs millions by the week, I was fortunate to be an industry where I got to keep my job. And so to go on to help customers now that didn’t, and I gave the excuse to, I didn’t get the excuse to me or my team to say, Hey, just because COVID hit, people are losing their work. Some of the people that we work with are coming out of business. It doesn’t mean that we go into inaction. Doesn’t mean we go into coasting. What I said you had to do was go out and increase our action by tenfold of either in order to keep our numbers right, where they were. Now, we went out with a different type of strategy. We went out with empathy and sympathy and truly looking at how we can help and service the people that we’re with.

But it doesn’t mean that we stopped taking action. And I’m a strong believer because we did not rest and wait to see what happened. We went out and attack the marketplace, trying to serve the marketplace. At the end of Q2, we hit our goal about a 120% to goal and of Q3. We were to hundred and 3% to goal. And the first month down in Q4, we were a 186% to goal. And that as purely because my team went out and we said, Hey, we can control our action, where you can control our dials, or you can control our emails, our thank you cards, or a 90 day follow-ups, you know, we can send gift baskets to people where they’re at home.

It was all things that we can do because in gift cards that people, so we went into the marketplace with lots of action and it didn’t have to be with the work that if you’re someone who are struggling with anxiety, depression, there’s a great time. Still. There’s a great time to take action. And maybe you start meditation, starting a new exercise routine to take accountability in your diet. If your stress out about your finances, reigning in a budget, allocate different savings accounts for savings. Like for me, I personally, I have three different accounts that have a travel fund account. I have a high yield savings account where my investments come from. And then I have my bill in my fund money.

So our, we do since I am married, but so there is lots of things that you can do to take action where you don’t have to sit and rest. So if you want to control your environment, you want to control what’s happening. Now, you’re not gonna be able to control the virus. You can’t control the election, but what you can take control of is your output and your effort at work with your spirituality in your relationships. There’s lots of things you can’t control. So focus on taking action in the areas. You know, that you need the most help. You will give you a strong sense of confidence and power.

Once you realize I have the power to control the narrative in my life, everything starts to shift. That paradigm starts to shift for being helpless, to completely in control. If you lost your job, create a resume, watch some videos on YouTube on how to do a good interview. Hit the marketplace. Don’t go to five places, go to 150 places. Just get a job or establish your income. Once you establish your income pivot and try and go to a better job, a new job, something, it might be more fulfilling. Write, just take action. Once you take action, it solves a lot of your problems.

So the second thing that you can control is your reaction. And we’ve talked about taking action moving forward. But now with COVID, there’s been a tremendous amount of fear, depression, anxiety surrounding the circumstances. Then on top of that, we were trapped in our home because of COVID. Then a lot of people that are losing their jobs, a lot of the businesses started out of the business. Then the stock market crashed, right? All of this creates a lot of uncertainty and a lot of emotion. Again, like I said, like I said, a lot of fear, but we can control our reactions to situations. So instead of being reactive emotionally, it’s always best to stay back acknowledge what happened to process your feelings, then move forward with the, with a game plan, in a plan of attack, too many of us get caught up in our reaction of just being 100% emotional and not logical when you’re 100% emotional and not logical wanting to become a victim and too, it pretty much paralyzes you from moving forward.

So instead of a action, there is no action, which can you talk about the number one when there’s no action. It’s hard to rebound. It’s hard to get back on your feet. It’s hard to progress in for it. So we had to take accountability and the way that we react to stuff you want to have control of your life. Emotionally, you have to be conscious of how you respond to situations. We have to be conscious of how you respond to your children. How do you respond to the people you engage with that work, how you respond to your parents or your spouse. All of that is very, very important that it’s all on you. You can not give up your power and, and say, well, this person made me feel this way.

I lost my job. So I can’t do anything else. Or I’ll never find a job like that. You don’t know they’re. And so you take action. You take ownership, you take responsibility and you go back out into the marketplace. You make amends for the, the way you responded, maybe in a, in a moment of heat or frustration to your, your siblings or your colleagues or to your spouse or to your children. So it was very important that we’re aware of our reactions to situations and that we move forward with a reasonable way of responding to things.

Because when you get emotional, nothing good ever comes from having a strong sense of emotion, especially when it comes out of fear. Then the third thing that you can control, which is basically number one, and number two together is your mindset. We can always control our mindset and really what it is, mindset, mindset, as the way that you programmed yourself to have action and reactions, right? So one of the things that I do to really help, to have a healthy mindset is I’ve talked a lot about, is getting up and having a very disciplined morning routine. When you have a very disciplined morning routine, you don’t check her phone for me personally, I like to get up.

I liked to have a couple minutes of gratitude. I do a meditation. I have been recently doing breath work. Oftentimes I read, I usually journal before I start the day at work. I keep a journal. I by my computer and I always exercise for an hour in the morning. So now I have accomplished all of these things between five and 8:00 AM. I’m accomplishing all of this. Every single thing is building confidence, this building my body, it’s building my mind. So by the time I go to actually start my day, I’m in a great, confident, uplifting mood because of the way it are.

You start to condition my mind on my way to work. I don’t listen to the news because it’s negative. I don’t listen to music because a lot of it’s garbage and a lot of it is negative. But I do is I have put on an informational or an inspiring or motivational podcast. Again, it’s feeling my mind with positivity. And I like to end my day, the same way, how you start in your, in your day are the two most important hours the first hour. How do you wake up in the hour of free? You go to bed? So before I end my day, again, I’m not reading a, a horror story books or a romance books, or I’m not watching on Netflix.

That things that are bad for me, I’m not listening to true crime podcasts. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But why try to do is I want, the last thing I go to bed with is usually had to do with my goals or something. That’s motivating me, or as an idea, something that I can sleep on. That’s fostering positive thoughts and positive feelings within my body. So if you could control your actions, your reactions in your mindset, your life is going to be vastly different because those are all things you control. You can control how you react to things.

You can control the actions you take, and you can control what you feed your mind, the more positive, healthy things you feed your mind. The more it helps to kind of deal with situations like COVID, I’m a guy I was not triggered by this. It was very scary. It was frustrating. It was a lot of uncertainty at times I had those waves of feelings, but then I went back to the things that I know that helped me keep me a grounded, stable, loving person, really, you know, was going to say a father and husband and, and you know, boss and, and colleague at work.

I went back to those things that anchor me, that Harbor me in, into my own greatness in my own positivity. So when you’re going through life, realize there’s always three things. You control your action, your reaction and your mindset. Do you get a handle on all three of those things you can navigate through any type of uncertain waters at any time, no matter what star out, you can always go back to that. And a lot of that is really going to come down to just discipline of you doing the work of making sure that when you have something come at you, or are you able to handle your reactions, that you have a discipline to go out to the market, play with massive action and in to your doing things to feet or three, you are doing things to feed your mind positivity in your shutting out all the negativity in your life.

Oh, I hope that helped some of you. I think things are still going to be continuing as a roller coaster special with the election. So its really important that realized that we are in control. You may not be in control of who got elected president. And quite frankly, whether it’s Trump or Biden, it doesn’t really fucking matter. Neither of them are going to help you with where you’re at in your life and moving forward, they’re not gonna come to your house and they’re not going to pick you up and take it to the next level. The only person is going to pick you up and take it to the next level is going to be you.

So if you guys liked the video, I’d love it. If you give me a thumbs up, if you haven’t checked out on the podcasts, it’s a lot of the same or two. I go to the show notes. You can subscribe to the podcast or find me on any of the social media channels. If you have a subscribe to the YouTube, I have to encourage you to do so. There’s a little button in the right-hand screen though, for you to subscribe. Really appreciate it. Thanks so much to talk to you guys.



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