3 Steps to Being Great in Sales

When people think of GREAT salespeople, they think that those people have the Midas touch, like there is something they do that they don’t.  Well, that is a myth.  Here are three simple steps to being great at sales.

  1. You MUST take MASSIVE ACTION.  Sales is a contact sport. Yes, it is really just that simple, the more calls, appointments, demos, the more likely you will close a deal.  Additionally, what is great about having massive action and giving yourself a lot of opportunities is you then have the chance to get better faster! The more contacts, the more you can adapt to learn and improve your skills.  How often does Steph Curry practice shooting 3 pointers? everyday. lots of them, and I mean lots of them. Repetition is where you become a master.
  2. You MUST understand your metrics.  Numbers are everything in sales. You can not be successful unless you understand your numbers, they do NOT lie.  For example: Let’s say your quota is 100 widgets per month, your closing ratio is 8%.  So, for everyone 100 prospects you are selling 8, and you need to sell 100 in a month to hit the goal.  Let’s assume there are 21 business days in the month, that means you need to sell 4.76 widgets a day to hit your goal. So when you back into the math, you need to making about 60 calls a day to close your 4.76 widgets a day.  Now we have targets, with the targets we can hold ourselves accountable for achieving our daily and weekly goals, which will lead to our month goal.  LOTS of salespeople do NOT break down the math like this.  You need to figure out your metrics, so you can have daily targets.
  3. you MUST train and improve your skills constantly.  To use athletes as a reference again, just because Tom Brady is one of the great QBs ever, does not mean he does not train! He trains every day! Sales are no exception.  You must continue to train in and outside of work.  Read sales books, listen to a podcast, go to sales seminars.  You must invest your skills just like an athlete would invest in their training to be a top athlete.  Your natural ability will only take you so far.  The GREAT salespeople know this and are constantly a student of their profession.

YOU can be GREAT! Just follow these three simple steps.

Here is a great video on How to Leave a Voicemail



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