Don’t buy into myths, buy into results.

  1. The phone is dead – What? Who told you this? Never take advice from that person again.  92% of sales transactions happen over the phone.  Using the phone is the best way to reach your prospect, close deals and keep engagement.  Every single person you know carries their phone on them at all times, with the exception of your hipster friends.  Keep dialing, it will serve you well.
  2. You Need to Use High-Pressure Tactics – I think this is probably the fastest way to lose a customer.  This is still taught out there, which I just don’t buy into or subscribe too.  This type of sales tactics is what has given car salesmen, well the stereotype of being car salesmen, and why people don’t like to deal with “salespeople”.  You might be able to pressure someone into buying something once, but once they go home and take a shower to rinse off the filth you left on them, then they will immediately regret giving you money, and you will not have a repeat customer.  Build rapport, find pain points, provide solutions.
  3. Multi-tasking Makes You More Efficient – I don’t know who started the trend of bragging about how much they can multitask, but they have ruined sales careers.  It makes me cringe when salespeople wear this as a badge of pride.  If you are multitasking it will lead to more mistakes, task not completed, and sloppy work.  Focus on one task at a time, start it, complete it.  Build in a very detailed schedule for yourself and stick to it, it will help keep your focus and eliminate distractions.


Don’t buy into these myths, now get back on the phone!



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