3 Rookie Mistakes Sales Professionals Make Early On

Sales is a tough profession, but also one that is extremely rewarding.  If you can learn to be a great salesperson, you have just guaranteed yourself a job for life.

Here are three things to avoid when getting your start in sales.

  1. Talking too much.  I have mentioned this before because it is the most common mistake and worth repeating.  When you are prospecting, you are not calling to make the call about you… you are calling to find out how you can serve and give to your prospect.  So listen. Listen way more than you speak.
  2. Waiting on management.  Do more than what is asked of you.  A lot of new salespeople wait to be told what to do.  They wait for training.  They wait until they get feedback.  They give themselves permission to not be able to compete with the veterans.
    • Do training outside of work. Read books, listen to podcasts, attended webinars, attended sales seminars. Become an expert outside of work.
    • Constantly ask for feedback, never stop this process throughout your sales career, so start it early on.
    • Believe in your abilities. Who cares that you are new.  You took the job and were hired because your employer believed that you can be GREAT, so do that as a rookie.  Do not allow yourself to settle for 2nd because you are new.
  3. Not asking for the sale.  A lot of new salespeople are scared to ask for the business.  In one of my offices early in my career, we had a manager that used to play “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman if he heard you freeze up when it was time to ask for the business.  It was terrifying to think I would be embarrassed by my boss in front of my peers, so I always asked for the business so I didn’t have to hear that song.  What it taught me in short order was more often than I thought people would say yes!  And if they said, no, it allowed me to ask more probing questions and reengage in the sales process to figure out what was holding them back.  This one song literally made my closing ratio soar.  Our company average was 34%, mine was 62%, as a rookie.  Oh, and why this song?  “We weren’t there to make friends.”

As long as you have the Ernest desire to get better, you will.  Avoiding mistakes and building good habits early on will help expedite your timeline to success and install confidence much faster.  Good luck!

Also, here is a video I made, 3 Reason’s Why Customer’s Don’t Buy



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